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Re:Question: What signs HPB left to locate new messenger?

Apr 07, 1998 02:06 AM
by Govert Schuller

mkr wrote:

>Dear Dallas: I agree and you presentation is very much to the point.
>Spiritual growth has to come from one's own exertions and one cannot expect
>a Messenger to provide enlightenment or solve our problems (which are
>created by ourselves.)
>We should he lucky if even when a Messenger arrives we recognize him/her.
>He/She may not fit into our expectations. So let us all get to work and if
>and when a Messenger arrives, I hope we will have the insight to recognize
>the Messenger.

Quotes of which I lost the source:

"Here are the Teachings, if they seem right to you then take them. Take them
to your heart. Take them to your lives. If you are not sure,
meet them with an open mind. Take them for further study. Think
over them. If there is anything in them that does not appeal to
the best in you, cast it out."

"And it does not matter who tells
it to you. If it does not appeal to you as being true, then you
are not true to yourself if you try to accept it. No genuine
Teacher will ever ask you to do anything that goes against your
conscience or against your moral sense."


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