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Re:mediums and ascended?

Apr 06, 1998 10:19 AM
by Psyche (Kirsten)

Hello everyone. I've been reading the conversations here with great
interest for some time now and have been meaning to ask: How many
versions of SD have been published and which one is everyone using
here? I find quotes with volume and page numbers that don't correspond
to the set that I have. My set contains 5 volumes with a separate index
totalling 6 volumes that are blue hardbacks and was published by the
Theosophical Publishing House in 1938. They were ~GIVEN~ to me as well
as every issue of the Quest that I did not have. In fact her collection
of magazines stopped right where mine started which I thought was very
interesting. But I am curious about what version of the SD everyone
here is using. Thanks.


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