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Re:Re: Charging fees

Apr 04, 1998 10:51 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

April 4th 1998

Dear Marcheta:

Your experience parallels many that I have seen. And during my
long life of many travels around the world and visiting many
centers where Theosophy has been studied, I have always found a
refreshing and spontaneous atmosphere wherever money was never
mentioned or brought forward as a basis for participation.

Esoteric wisdom and true "occultism" cannot ever be sold, nor can
a true teacher make any charge or ask any recompense for offering
what he has gained in understanding.

Many others may have similar observations to give us to see and
to understand from.

 Best wishes, Dallas

>From: "Marcheta Henry" <>
>Subject: Re: Charging fees
>Date: Saturday, April 04, 1998 8:04 AM
>Re: charging fees,
>For some seventeen years of classes here in my home and
advertising in
>magazines, free correspondence courses, etc. all I have ever
>for was the price of the books used in the work. When expenses
seemed to
>be growing, suddenly something would break for me.....someone
might make
>an anonymous contribution, but most usually I have managed by
using money
>I might have wasted on something for entertainment, or
>things that I didn't really need or even want. The idea of
helping those
>who are ready to learn and are willing to study, is reward
>Incidentally, by saving where I could , we have managed to have
>contractor who built elevators for complexes, etc. build a full
>elevator to accommodate several people \wheel chairs, etc. at a
>Also a ramp for the handicapped leading to the elevator from
>The contractor was impressed by the Theosophical students he met
here and
>even he has joined the studies.
>It seems that the spirit of learning, helping and growing,
>impressed so many people that they, too, have become active,
>members. The man who sold us the first computer, printer,etc.
is here
>for every meeting and helps with classes. He also keeps me up
to date on
>the computer for the best quality service, and donates his work.
If it
>worked for us, maybe with cooperative effort from members, and
>your money it will work for others.
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