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Re:Re: Charging fees

Apr 04, 1998 09:16 AM
by M K Ramadoss

I am glad to hear your experience. When you are doing a theosophical work, I
have also seen help is always there when needed.

I hope to hear more of such fascinating experiences from others.

At 10:46 AM 4/5/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Re: charging fees,
>For some seventeen years of classes here in my home and advertising in
>magazines, free correspondence courses, etc. all I have ever charged
>for was the price of the books used in the work. When expenses seemed to
>be growing, suddenly something would break for me.....someone might make
>an anonymous contribution, but most usually I have managed by using money
>I might have wasted on something for entertainment, or unnecessary
>things that I didn't really need or even want. The idea of helping those
>who are ready to learn and are willing to study, is reward enough.
>Incidentally, by saving where I could , we have managed to have a
>contractor who built elevators for complexes, etc. build a full scale
>elevator to accommodate several people \wheel chairs, etc. at a time.
>Also a ramp for the handicapped leading to the elevator from outside.
>The contractor was impressed by the Theosophical students he met here and
>even he has joined the studies.
>It seems that the spirit of learning, helping and growing, favorably
>impressed so many people that they, too, have become active, faithful
>members. The man who sold us the first computer, printer,etc. is here
>for every meeting and helps with classes. He also keeps me up to date on
>the computer for the best quality service, and donates his work. If it
>worked for us, maybe with cooperative effort from members, and watching
>your money it will work for others.
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