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Re:Re: Charging fees

Apr 04, 1998 06:23 AM
by M K Ramadoss

Let me add. When HPB lived in NY and had visitors every evening and spent
her valuable time and provided free coffee or tea (the visitors are to go
to the kitchen and make their own coffee or tea) she could have charged a
fee and many would have gladly paid her. The expenses were taken care of
without charging or passing a plate or making a suggested donation to
help the poor HPB (she was always short of funds after spending all her
own resources all the time). With such beginnings, she was able to give
the world all we know of Theosophy today. Anyone worried about money
support may want to pray or meditate to find out a better solution than
having to charge a fee or pass a plate (however one could claim that when
a plate is passed one is under no obligation to put any

Again in my experience, I am yet to run into a situation where any
reasonable Theosophical activity could not be carried out because of lack
of funds. Mostly activities could not be carried out due to lack of
interest of people involved. May be others may have a different
experience. However the money issue is not going to go away and will
continue to be discussed for a long time.


At 02:49 AM 4/4/1998 -0800, you wrote:


<excerpt>April 3rd 1998

On the subject of fees. Where would maintenance and sustaining moneys
come from ?

Why, from students who thought, and think, that Theosophy meant something
very valuable to them and that it ought to be sustained, and shared --
so that others could profit "from the life-giving waters of those

In plain words, by voluntary donations. As money was needed so those who
could made it available anonymously.

I know of one theosophical body which has never charged anyone anything
for its public work and yet is now almost 90 years in existence. Also,
for those publications of original text books of Theosophy (which it
pioneered in reprinting), it was voluntary donations that first made them
available. And, when they were published, they are sold to the public
very close to actual cost (and in some cases below cost).

Also, in some cases books, magazines and pamphlets are given away to
those who cannot afford to pay for them and who need them. "No fees, No
dues" are part of its working effort. Part of the effort of this body
has been to place copies of the "original teachings of Theosophy" in
public and academic Libraries, so that they would be preserved and made
more widely available.



>From: "Marcheta Henry" <>
>Date: Sun, 5 Apr 1998 10:46:48 -0500
>Subject: Re: Charging fees

Re: charging fees,

For some seventeen years of classes here in my home and advertising in
magazines, free correspondence courses, etc. all I have ever charged
for was the price of the books used in the work. When expenses seemed to
be growing, suddenly something would break for me.....someone might make
an anonymous contribution, but most usually I have managed by using money
I might have wasted on something for entertainment, or unnecessary
things that I didn't really need or even want. The idea of helping those
who are ready to learn and are willing to study, is reward enough.
Incidentally, by saving where I could , we have managed to have a
contractor who built elevators for complexes, etc. build a full scale
elevator to accommodate several people \wheel chairs, etc. at a time.
Also a ramp for the handicapped leading to the elevator from outside.
The contractor was impressed by the Theosophical students he met here and
even he has joined the studies.

It seems that the spirit of learning, helping and growing, favorably
impressed so many people that they, too, have become active, faithful
members. The man who sold us the first computer, printer,etc. is here
for every meeting and helps with classes. He also keeps me up to date on
the computer for the best quality service, and donates his work. If it
worked for us, maybe with cooperative effort from members, and watching
your money it will work for others.


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