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Re:Certificattion fees

Apr 04, 1998 06:33 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 11:19 PM 4/3/1998 -0500, you wrote:
>Ken Malkin wrote:
>> In regard to an independant office overseeing the national TSA ballots,
>> I have found the following, based on preliminary information secured by
>> members of the ACT Legal Advisory Panel, two estimates have been given,
>> one from a bank and one from an accounting firm and these range from
>> approximately $1000 to approximately $2500, the higher price being
>> closer to the actual cost.
> Then, as I said, we should go with it.
>> This price includes the independent firm receiving the mailed ballots,
>> accumulating them until vote counting day and then bringing them out to
>> Wheaton to have them counted in accordance with current procedures and
>> with a
>> representative of the independent firm, observing the count. Their
>> certification that the count is correct will likely require an
>> additional fee.

I think that the process should start with a validated memberships list and
the mailing out of the ballots should be handled by the outside firm. This
will ensure that all the membership ballots were indeed mailed and mailed
at the same time. I suppose that was what was intended when we started

> That is the way I assumed it would be done.
>> It appears that even with the an additional fee for certification, the
>> price is right to have the ballots tallied by an outside source.
> I agree.
> Bart Lidofsky

I am glad to see we are all reaching the same conclusion. Is anyone in the
Administration reading this and is receptive to the idea? Will have to wait
and see.


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