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Re:Certificattion fees

Apr 03, 1998 08:19 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

Ken Malkin wrote:

> In regard to an independant office overseeing the national TSA ballots,
> I have found the following, based on preliminary information secured by
> members of the ACT Legal Advisory Panel, two estimates have been given,
> one from a bank and one from an accounting firm and these range from
> approximately $1000 to approximately $2500, the higher price being
> closer to the actual cost.

 Then, as I said, we should go with it.

> This price includes the independent firm receiving the mailed ballots,
> accumulating them until vote counting day and then bringing them out to
> Wheaton to have them counted in accordance with current procedures and
> with a
> representative of the independent firm, observing the count. Their
> certification that the count is correct will likely require an
> additional fee.

 That is the way I assumed it would be done.

> It appears that even with the an additional fee for certification, the
> price is right to have the ballots tallied by an outside source.

 I agree.

 Bart Lidofsky

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