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Apr 04, 1998 10:07 AM
by Jeffrey Michael Hoover



 Please let me introduce myself. I am glad you-all have a since of humor as I
didn't realize I could send a "test message" without being officially signed
up! Thanks for your return "test messages" sent in Loving kindness!!

 I have studied Theosophy for five years or so and find it quite enlightening.
I am 34 and have worked in computing technologies for over ten years. I have a
BS in business from Kansas University with a specialization in microcomputer
application design, programming and instruction. I have spent two years on
sabbatical doing matras (or decrees) and studying under the current GWB
Messenger. I understand the PROCESS of becoming Love in Action much better
than the massive amount of wonderful teachings on Wisdom Religions that HPB and
her many cohorts like you have since amassed.

 The current Messenger has made several comments for those studying under her
to go back and study Leadbeater's books and general Theosophy to gain a better
understanding of the Wisdom Religions and the process of initiation under the
Master's tutelage. I look forward to learning from your great wealth.


 Jeffrey Michael Hoover
 11027 W. 108th Terrace
 Shawnee Mission, KS 66210-3204
 (913) 338-3003


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