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Re:Fundamentalism/"beating a dead horse"

Oct 23, 1997 10:13 PM
by Dallas TenBroeck

Oct 24th 1997

Dear Mark Jaqua:

"Demonstrable errors" are fighting words indeed.  Especially
since very few of us are able to have any idea of how to access
the various planes of being other than our physical plane.  It is
also quite possible that HPB and the Mahatmas employ concepts
which relate to earlier periods of evolution when the various
globes and planets had materials in use, and those materials had
at that remote time qualities which are not perceptible to us in
our present waking consciousness.  We all tend to forget the
basic statement about the Adepts and their work in and with
Nature which is outlined in SD I 272-3 -- there HPB states that
they have been studying Nature minutely and have recorded after
checking and verification, their findings -- over millions of
years.  And this is an idea is one which makes all blink.
Millions of years? How is that possible.  Well, without the
immortality of the mind/soul and reincarnation the whole claim
falls to the ground.  What we need to assure ourselves of is the
fact that the "atom, the Monad" is an "eternal motion machine,"
-- as claimed by our modern Science also.  If so then it is the
"atom/Monad" which passes through all experiences and keeps the
memory of them.  And if we are the end result of all this
experience and leaning, we are beginning to find that we can
evoke that ancient memory which is embedded in our innermost
self.  And that is a large concept to swallow.

In this regard the Original unedited dition of the Secret
Doctrine gives us some ideas starting on Vol.  1, p.  142 where
it is indicated that physical matter in and around our earth may
be of quite a different character than that relative to other
planets in our solar system, or further out, in the very distant
stars and planets of our Galaxy.  Why should we assume that
"matter" is uniformly the same everywhere? Similar perhaps, but
not necessarily identical.  Another good reference is in the
middle of p.  673, Vol.  1, as also pp.  601-2, 646, 583, 587-9,
626, 497fn...There is so much to be learned, that it is dangerous
for anyone to lay down limits.

In the final editing of the SD HPB (1888) was assisted by a
number of persons and it is quite possible that some erros in
proof reading, etc...  have crept in.  But that does not give
anyone the right to change what she put her signature to.  If
such errors are detected, then out of respect for her and the two
Masters who gave their certificate of co-authorship to that work,
I would say that no one ought to "edit" those, without due
warning at every change to readers, by suitable foot-notes -- yet
we find that by 1893 a "third and Reveised Edition of the SD was
issued with over 40,000 alterations, UNMARKED, as compared to the
original 1888 edition.

As to the Hyperborean (North Polar) contnent, one need only look
through the Index of the SD and trace the references there so as
to discover what the disposition of the continents was over vast
periods of time.  The modern speculations as to "Pan-Gaia" are
educated guesses based on the presumption that there has been
very little change in the general shape of the continents since
they began "separating," and wandering around the surface of the
globe on their respective tectonic plate bases, to finally arrive
at the positions where we now locate them.  But there is also no
evidence concerning the accuracy of that theory, which now holds
the academic stage.

Your observations about the transformation of energy through heat
and its application is an outstanding example in my mind of the
care with which we ought to predicate our observations.  None of
us know everything yet.

Perhaps it is for this reason that the ancients did not disclose
all that they knew, as they were aware that it could be abused
selfishly and for the impovrishment of the weaker and poorer
members of humanity.

I would also say that to make any sense out of Theosophical
statements concerning Jupiter one ought to bring them together so
that the various quotes can be read and put into order.  There is
a great deal there that relates to mythology and the allegorical
importance of those forces of Nature which are represented by
"Jupiter." We cannot isolate all that is given by reference alone
to the physical planet we now name "Jupiter," or we will indeed
make more Jibberich.  This is one of the dangers of reading
Theosophical literature and materializing it to the level of the
common materials we know and deal with every day.  WE can ask
ourselves question based on statements made in the SD: Vol 1 p.
72fn Why is Jupiter the "son" of Kronos - Saturn?

 Vol. 1 331 Why associated with AEther?
 Vol. 1  493 Why does the sun guard Jupiter?
 Vol. 2 483 Why does J. symbolize "human races?"
 Vol. 2    498 Why is he the "guru" (teacher) of the "Gods?"
 Vol. 2  785 Why is mount Meru his throne?
 Vol. 2  786 What is his association with cyclic law?
     and so on - I select only a few

What about the astral Jupiter, and the Pranic (life-energy)
Jupiter.  what about its "kamic" ( passions and desires nature?
and the "manasic" aspect of the intelligence of any inhabitants
it may have?

Why should we make the decision of believeing that all beings of
intelligence have to use bodies made of hydrocarbon compounds
like ours? What is "intelligence, and consciousness?" -- and so
on.  And why should we presume that other intellligences are
anxious to contact us? We know such a limited amount about
ourselves and about our surroundings that we have no good basis
to dogmatize on anything.  We can only speak of what we observe
and seek to make tentative relations as matters of developing
speculation, and be ready to alter all our theories (as we have
since the development and use of the Hubble telescope, and the
COBE), in the realm of astrophysics, in the past 10 years.  This
is also true in other disciplines including chemistry and physics
and especially in biology.

Well I'll leave you with those reflections which tome are
unresolved, but not nonsense, only hints as to something we have
yet to learn about and which deals with perhaps a so far hidden
aspect of Nature.

Best sishes to you as always,  Dallas

PS  I enjoyed reading the latest Protogonus.  thanks.

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