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Simplicity II

Aug 31, 1997 07:38 AM
by Sigtryggur Omar Jonsson

Simplicity II

A few days ago I sent a note which I called Simplicity. Therein
and in a following note I mentioned very shortly three main
concepts: Simplicity, gratitude and a right use of the gifts that
have been given to us, The Treasure as I called it.

I feel the need to discuss these ideas more fully, so anyone who
cares may understand them better.

First I would like to apologise to you if I am not expressing my
thoughts very clearly. My only excuse is that I am not using my
native language.

What do I mean by appreciating simplicity, and that man has to
learn the way of simplicity?

There are two types of simple persons. One is simple as childish
or naive, an undeveloped human being. The other is simple in a
profound way, the Sage or the man of wisdom. Between these two
types is an abyss of the whole evolutionary path of mankind. I
am pointing to the future, not to the past, so evidently I am
pointing to the way of higher knowledge, the way of wisdom. To
seek that way one has to overcome the dominance of the lower
mind, the logical, reasoning mind. I am not saying that the
logical mind should be discarded, on the contrary, it must be
used, but it must be used wisely, and it should not be allowed to
rule. One must seek the higher way, the way of the higher mind,
the abstract mind and the intuition or Buddhi. That way is the
way of simplicity. When I say that, I do not mean that it is
simple to find that way or to tread it. It is a most difficult
task. It is much easier to drown oneself in the maze of lower
mind complexities. One must rise above the lower mind to be able
to see clearly the essence, the basics, the main issues. If one
takes care of the essence, all the related details take care of
themselves. The same idea is expressed beautifully by the words
we know so well: "Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and then
everything else will be added to you." (This is from memory).
Let me explain it by analogy: To type on the computer the words I
have in my mind I must perform a very complex action. I have to
control the muscles in my hands and use many other abilities
which are very complex if one takes the trouble to examine it in
detail. But for me it is a simple act. The complexities of the
details have been reduced to the simple task of typing. To be
able to go to that kind of a simple level takes a lot of training
and hard work, but it is the only way to be productive.

I also mentioned Gratitude. It is one of the main issues one has
to consider. Gratitude clears the channels, it makes the flow of
energy faster and more efficient, and it lessens the burden of
karma. This is just a logical explanation, but the heart full of
gratitude produces the most beautiful radiations which clear the
atmosphere. So it is also beneficent for the health.

I think this is enough for now, so the third concept I will deal
with later.


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