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Golden Dawn, O.T.O., and other Forbidden Fruit

Aug 31, 1997 08:23 PM
by James S Yungkans

I would be very curious to know what historical and philosophical
information could be provided to explain where things went
regarding these groups. I know that HPB seemed to refer to
MacGregor-Mathers when she discussed Kaballistic topics, using
him a a very learned source for this information. The tree for
these groups appears to be:

	 Golden Dawn
	 MacGregor Mathers (President) O.T.O (Thelema)
	 Israel Regarde (Personal Secretary)
	 Alester Crowley (member)----------------> ("666")
	 Frater Achad ("777")

Who can start a thread on this, and where will it lead? Dallas?
Rich? Ramadoss?

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