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Re: Glimmer of hope!

Aug 30, 1997 09:18 PM
by Dallas TenBroeck

"Glimmer of Hope" -- practical work Thsosophical

Dear Ramdoss, and other friends:

Your words are of course wise. Lots of metaphysical knowledge
without any use of it for the benefit of others is quite arid,
shallow and perhaps fruitless.

In the times that you mention when HPB and Olcott were fist in
India, the effort was not only to spread Theosophical ideas (and
at that time the TS was affiliated with the Arya Samaj of
Dayananad Saraswati -- and in a few months fell out of that
afifliation as D S tried to impose his sole will on the T S --
and the T S could not take this personal imposition -- so there
was a "falling out." -- all chronicled in the pages of early
volumes of THEOSOPHIST) but to restore to young Indians,
Singalese, Burmese, Japanese etc., an appreciation for thier own
antique philosophy and the wisdom of their forefathers.

The impact of the European colonizers and conquerors by superior
force of arms and selfish desire for wealth and trade, on the
young people of thsoe days was also aided by the "padres" and the
"missionaries" of RC and Protestant sects. Furthermore in India
at that time the British having taken over the government, the
intellectual young men (in India and elsewhere) became of the
opinion that they should copy Europe in all its ways -- after all
they were the conquerors and could now provide economic stability
in government and commercial jobs. The old systems of governing
having been largely overthrown, there remained, pragmatically, as
they saw it, a conformity to the conquerors in the hope of
securing their recognition and thus rising economically. But
that is another area in which the impact of Theosophy through HPB
and HSO was brought to stem this trend, by demonstrating that
some Westeners valued highly the ancestral and traditional lore
of those countries, Hinduism and Buddhism, being the chied
philosophical traditions, these were shown to be valuable.

This aspect of Theosphical (TS) "charity" -- performed by HPB and
HSO is largely omitted. But it needs emphasis, as that is an
illustration of "practical work" done by "Theosphists" -- you
will note that it was not the "TS" that did this work, but that
it was done by these great persons who also supported and
promoted Theosophy.

All charitable and practical work is done by individuals, and not
by any Society or Body, although as a policy and in their Rules
those bodies may support and encourage charitable works also.

You will recall that under the influence of HPB's presence when
in London, towards the end of her life, not only was LUCIFER
published, and the SD, but individuals who were then members of
the TS used their, moneys in charitable works, as for instance
the BOW STREET CLUB for Women in the "East-end" of London,
Whitechapel area. -- and a number of other charitable works.

It is quite true that in and around the TS HQ in Adyar, and
througn the rest of India, schools for Untouchbles were started,
and the uplift of the poor and the down-trodden was undertaken,
but also the encouragement and establishment of Sanskrit schools
(Paths) was promoted.

Of special note should be the effect of A.O.Hume's establishing
the INDIAN NATIONAL CONGRESS. While historically, Hume fell away
(because of his personal makeup) from association with the TS,
the ultimate use of that organization in its political and social
work was, through Gandhi, and those associated with and around
him, to bring freedom to India, "Pakistan," Burma and Ceylon. It
is shameful of course that because of religious intrasigence by
fanatics, the genocide that resulted at the time of transfer of
power, bathed what should have been a peaceful event in innocent
and defenceless blood. Following that the dismemberment of India
into linguistic provinces was a situation that ought to have been
avoided, because it became the root of further internal
dissention religious and sectarian, which have no real place in a
state. I could see that the ideal of free India began to
deteriorate then, and following that it was but a step to
corruption in most of the government an state offices. One of
the reasons I am fairly well versed in matters relating to India
and Asia is that I was resident in India from 1927 on to 1969
almost continuously.

The first object of the TS: Universal Brotherhood, was the
ralllying point for sacrificial and charitable work for many.
But to be truly Thosophical two criteria have to be met: 1.
There has to be personal knowledge of the Principles of Theosophy
in such practitioners, and 2 practical works of this kind have to
be done by individuals for individuals. Such owkrs can be done
impersonally in the name of THEOSOPHY but, ought not to be
directed or handled by any "Theosophical Society," or other
"Theosophical body." True charity and practical theosophy is
performed by INDIVIDUALS as part of their Karmic merit, and not
by any insitiution which generally runs on a series of large and
wide-flanged wheels that may burry or overlook some deserving
case becaue it appears insignificant to the "management." It is
individuals who notice such stray, but important cases and it is
up to them to work at setting those matters right. It is not
right to say, as many do, who "pass the buck" : "the government
(or the society) will attend to it."

So the acquirment of a theosophical education comes first. then
a continued and strong effort to spread that knowledge to others
is perhaps the greatest of charities, because it awakens them to
a recognition of the INNER GOD -- of the HIGHER SELF (the Atman)
-- One we recognize that we are an immortal, eternal portion of
the ALL, there is no further question of Brother-hood, or of
practical charity. Those become automatic, a way of life

This is what has always appealed to me, but I must humbly admit
that it has taken years of thought and study to grasp the
funadmental logic of that apparently sacrificial statement, and
also, after oming to some realization of it, to develop the
ability to express these ideas in the hope that others may also
look within and seek their own source of Light and LIFE--the
place where we are already (all of us without any exceptions)
brothers in fact.

In technical terms, the Personality has to turn within itself and
drop all claims to special achievements or the isolation of
selfishness. Once that it is able to do this, there it begins to
universalize and impersonalize itself. From that true progress
can begin, but this has to be sustained every moment by a gentle,
strong, tension of concentration, and "firmly unrelaxed."

The Lower Manas has to turn to its parent, the HIGHER MANAS --
which is always linked closely to wisdom (Buddhi) and to Spirit
(ATMAN). These metaphysical and ideal concepts must fist be

HPB's: KEY TO THEOSOPHY, if carefully studied gives the necessary
instruction in this.

"Man know thyself." said Hermes-- it is the same for us today --

Theosophy shows us how the 7 fold man is a miniature of the
7-fold Universe. When that is gasped we can make of our whole
life a practical charity, without ostentation or any drawing of
attention to us as a person.

I hope this is also helpful,

Best wishes to all, Dallas

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