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Re:Sylvia Cranston's Biography published by Path Publishing House

Aug 05, 1997 02:35 PM
by Reed Carson

Blavatsky Net (BN) wishes to make it completely clear that it and
Path Publishing House are two separate entities. To avoid any
possible misconception on this point, every reference to Path
Publishing House has been revoved from the BN site.

In addition, material has been rearranged. Now there is a click
for "store" toward the bottom of the BN home page at

The store makes available a basic collection of texts for
students of Blavatsky's works - including Slyvia Cranston's
biography of HPB, published by Path Publishing House. The New
York address given there is a correct and valid address for
ordering by mail the books listed. Absolutely no orders have
been "diverted" as insinuated below.

No visitor to BN should be deterred from ordering the excellent
HPB bio by Cranston from BN due to concern about the New York

While we were at it, we attempted to offer some guidance to the
newcomer on how to approach the pile of original Theosophical
texts. This is a little more opinionated than some other


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