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Sylvia Cranston's Biography published by Path Publishing House

Aug 03, 1997 11:22 AM
by Caren Elin


Path Publishing House does NOT have a New York address. We are
located solely at our Santa Barbara address:

P.O. Box 60610, Santa Barbara, CA 93160-0610

An erroneous address for Path Publishing House has been published
on the Blavatsky Net web site. All inquiries as well as orders
should only be directed to the proper location in Santa Barbara,
California. If you have any questions or are concerned that your
order was diverted to an incorrect address, please write to the
above enclosed address, or phone us at 213-254-8360.

With our sincere best wishes,

-- A.E. Atkins, Owner and President of Path Publishing House
-- Caren M. Elin. Director and Manager

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