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Re:theosophy's message

Jun 09, 1997 06:43 PM
by Estela Luna

Patrick Alessandra, Psy.D. wrote:
> > 1st race Animal Bodies, Men hovering through and within the animal bodies
> > (of dinosaurs)
>      Actually etheric humanity...the globe was still in process ... :) a biologist, i would say, maybe "pitecantropus" ?
> > 2nd race Animal Bodies which animals have no interest in - man and animal
> > alongside of each other at the mental or soul level.
>     What is called "pudding bag" humanity...gaseous/liquid...

hmmm.... still i cannot accord with this. What is it, Plastic man, the
"fizzling or bubbling man"? Gee...

I Would rather say some primitive race, maybe homo habilis or homo
erectus... Still are discovering fossils more older and older of the
ancestors of humans..

> > 3rd race - man descends again, manifesting himself and the animal shistas
> > he is able to live alongside. Animal ascends to a hovering position,
> > perhaps watching, perhaps yearning for a sojourn with the solar logos.
>      Lemuria...
> > 4th race - man alone as a son of the solar logos on this planet.
>      Atlantis...
> > 5th race - master above - hovering, influencing, directing and playing
> > through the human forms when possible
>      Europe & America...of course in terms of consciousness all who are
> striving today...

Yes they are...i believe pepole are more caring and spiritual these

> > 6th race - man and master communicating within the soul or mind of our
> > joint being
>      Mostly America and continents to arise ...

Still, the 6th race are begining to appear in these days...and they are
here....making themselves noticing
> > 7th race - man ascends to a hovering, watching, and mulling - master has
> > transformed our old physical vehicals as well as the physical world into a
> > place which they can inhabit (or live alongside in reference to our vehicles).
>      Etheric on a higher turn of the spiral...

Maybe the thing is that the etheric bodies of the first races inhabit
those ancestors,still more fossils are yet to be discover...
Or maybe the etheric bodies of the 1rst and 2dn races were inside the
bodies of dinosaurs...that is more logic to me...
> Shanti,
> Patrick Alessandra, Psy.D.

Is difficult "biting it" when you had went to science school....


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