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theosophy's message

Jun 09, 1997 01:11 PM
by Brenda S Tucker

>Thanks for your wise response.
>Looking back to all the world's great religions, we can see everyone of them
>tried to send the same fundamental message in the hope of making human being
>change. The messages of Great Teachers have always been very simple and
>straightforward. Don't Kill. Don't lie etc.
>>From a practical standpoint, even if a new Messenger were to come today, I
>doubt that the fundamental message is going to be very different. This is
>because I don't think that most of us are yet to fully implement such simple
>principles like Don't Kill, Don't Lie etc in their fullest and complete
>form. So if we are all waiting for some "miraculous" or occult message, we
>may be in for disappointment. That does not mean that the same simple
>message may be presented in a totally different way to catch the attention
>so that masses will slowly implement them in their lives, thus not only
>transforming themselves, but transforming everyone with whom they come into
>contact. I am not going to go into the "occult" side because I simply do not
>know much. Whether a new occult dispensation is going to be made available,
>we have to wait and see with an open mind.
>Thanks again.
>MK Ramadoss

Oh, but theosophy's message is radically different than the others.  In the
simple matter of the seven races, we are able to see drastic changes in
humanity's makeup and this is relative to the way with which manifestation

Sure, the fifth race has its laws and these laws were given to us.  In
fact, they are the embodiment of the ascended masters in a sense, because
it is through those great beings, who are truly above us in stature and
composition that we are beginning our ascent from this globe.

When a double-type race of man flourishes during the sixth root race, we
will have the benefit of their wisdom perhaps through frequent conversation
and interaction. My own picture of this anomoly (meaning you've never seen
anything like it before) is that ascended masters will be present. They
will be seen. They will be heard. They will be active (through us) in the
physical development of the planet.

I probably haven't written this idea recently here, but my picture of the
races simply put is
1st race Animal Bodies, Men hovering through and within the animal bodies
(of dinosaurs)
2nd race Animal Bodies which animals have no interest in - man and animal
alongside of each other at the mental or soul level.
3rd race - man descends again, manifesting himself and the animal shistas
he is able to live alongside. Animal ascends to a hovering position,
perhaps watching, perhaps yearning for a sojourn with the solar logos.

4th race - man alone as a son of the solar logos on this planet.

5th race - master above - hovering, influencing, directing and playing
through the human forms when possible
6th race - man and master communicating within the soul or mind of our
joint being
7th race - man ascends to a hovering, watching, and mulling - master has
transformed our old physical vehicals as well as the physical world into a
place which they can inhabit (or live alongside in reference to our vehicles).

This might receive a slightly different reception than a rehash of principles.


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