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Re:theosophy's message

Jun 09, 1997 01:26 PM
by Patrick Alessandra

> 1st race Animal Bodies, Men hovering through and within the animal bodies
> (of dinosaurs)

     Actually etheric humanity...the globe was still in process ... :)

> 2nd race Animal Bodies which animals have no interest in - man and animal
> alongside of each other at the mental or soul level.

    What is called "pudding bag" humanity...gaseous/liquid...

> 3rd race - man descends again, manifesting himself and the animal shistas
> he is able to live alongside. Animal ascends to a hovering position,
> perhaps watching, perhaps yearning for a sojourn with the solar logos.


> 4th race - man alone as a son of the solar logos on this planet.


> 5th race - master above - hovering, influencing, directing and playing
> through the human forms when possible

     Europe & America...of course in terms of consciousness all who are
striving today...

> 6th race - man and master communicating within the soul or mind of our
> joint being

     Mostly America and continents to arise ...

> 7th race - man ascends to a hovering, watching, and mulling - master has
> transformed our old physical vehicals as well as the physical world into a
> place which they can inhabit (or live alongside in reference to our vehicles).

     Etheric on a higher turn of the spiral...

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