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Re: The White Lotus Day

May 07, 1997 10:58 AM
by Sveinn Freyr


Yes, it was the wish of H.P. Blavatsky that students of
Theosophy should have a meeting, annual meeting on the day of her
passing. It was her wish, that at that day; students should
re-dedicate in effort to serve in the community, and to serve The
Brotherhood, and the Arhats, and the Mahatmas, who are the
founders of The Theosophical Movement. She wanted that day, to
be a day of unity in thought, and recharge in effort.

"White Lotus Day" was the name given, by Olcott, on 8 of May,
1892. His request was that all Branches and groups should honour
this day, in "dignified way."

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