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Re: The White Lotus Day

May 07, 1997 09:44 AM
by Sveinn Freyr

Gail Stevenson:

Yes, it was the wish of H.P. Blavatsky that students of
Theosophy should have a meeting, annual meeting on the day of her
passing. It was her wish, that at that day; students should
re-dedicate in effort to serve The Brotherhood, and the Arhats,
and the Mahatmas, who are the founders of The Theosophical
Movement. She wanted that day, to be a day of unity in thought,
and recharge in effort.

"White Lotus Day" was the name given, by Olcott, on 8 of May,
1892. His request was that all Branches and groups should honour
this day, in "dignified way."

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