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May 23, 2012 08:52 AM
by Ramanujachary

The frog and its World

We are in the world but we do not yet know what this world is composed. There is vast land, as we see. Then the large and endless oceans, mountains, trees and many other things. If we have to count how many species of life are available on the earth of this world, we do not know where to begin. We are told in stories that there are under worlds below the sea and super worlds above the skies. The whole kingdom of the serpents is far deep below. The land of the angels and celestial beings is far away in the skies. However, we do see samples of serpents and angels too on this earth. Is the earth a replica or a mini-representation of the whole cosmos? A frog wanted to know the size of the world. He asked his parents, 'Is the world as big as our well, the world we live in?' the mother said, 'We are frogs in the well, we cannot measure the world.' However, the child frog was eager to know. It swelled its stomach huge and huge systematically and wanted to size the world. The effort ended in the frog losing its life. Similarly, a child-fish wanted to know what the ocean looks like. 'Where is the ocean that everybody talks about?' he asked his parents. 'The Ocean is all around us,' replied they, in their wisdom. However, this answer never satisfied the child-fish. How can this be the Ocean? This is just water, and nothing else. We, human beings, are nothing less in our thinking too. We forget we have our life, movement and being in the vast world or cosmos and think that it is somewhere above. Does human not arrogate to himself the total ownership of the cosmos and try to dictate terms to Nature? When something not anticipated or untoward happens, man thinks the 'nature' is against him. Why cannot he try to know what the nature wants and go by that? Why cannot he grow as the flower grows?
                                                                                                                                                                           Dr N C Ramanujachary                   


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