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Re: theos-talk HPB Warns about Distorted Versions of Theosophy

May 23, 2012 00:25 AM
by Augoeides-222


 A comparision, this a proposition for Universal B rotherhoodÂfrom an "avatar" and 5th Grade drop-out: 


Members here may find it curious and stimulating but i don't really think their up to it lol. 


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Subject: theos-talk HPB Warns about Distorted Versions of Theosophy 


H.P. Blavatsky gave warnings concerning garbled and distorted versions of 

For example, she wrote: 

". . . A new and rapidly growing danger. . . is threatening . . . the spread of 
the pure Esoteric Philosophy and knowledge. . . . I allude to those 
charlatanesque imitations of Occultism and Theosophy. . . . " 

"By pandering to the prejudices of people, and especially by adopting the false 
ideas of a personal God and a personal, carnalized Saviour, as the groundwork of 
their teaching, the leaders of this 'swindle' (for such it is) are endeavoring 
to draw men to them and in particular to turn Theosophists from the true path." 

". . . A close examination will assuredly reveal. . . materials largely stolen . 
. . from Theosophical writings. . . [and] distorted and falsified so as to be 
palmed off on the unwary as revelations of new and undreamed of truths. But many 
will neither have the time nor the opportunity for such a thorough 
investigation; and before they become aware of the imposture they may be led far 
from the Truth." 

". . . Nothing is more dangerous to Esoteric Truth than the garbled and 
distorted versions disfigured to suit the prejudices and tastes of men in 

Elsewhere Madame Blavatsky wrote: 

"â.save us from the impudent distortion of our theosophical teachingsâ." 

"....deliver us. . . from . . . the 'Solar Adepts' as they dub themselves, and 
their sun-struck followers. . . ." 

". . . . They plagiarized from our books, set up sham schools of magic, waylaid 
seekers after truth by deceiving them with holy names. . . [and] misused and 
desecrated the sacred scienceâ." 

"â.Before the appearance of modern Theosophical literature it was 'Spirits' and 
'Controls' that were ever in the mouths of these folk; now the living 'adepts' 
are served up with every sauce. It is ever and always Adepts here, Hierophants 
there. . . ." 

"The angels from the 'Summer Land' are going out of fashion just now, for 
Spiritualists begin to know better and to discriminate. But because the 'adept' 
idea, or rather their philosophy, begins to gain ground, this is no reason why 
pretenders of every description should travesty in their . . . productions the 
teachings, phraseology, and Sanskrit terms out of theosophical books; or why, 
again, they should turn round and make people believe that these were given them 
by other 'Hierophants,' in their opinion, far higher, nobler and grander than 
our teachers." 

"The great evil of the whole thing is, not that the truths of Theosophy are 
adopted by these blind teachers, for we should gladly welcome any spread, by 
whatever means, of ideals so powerful to wean the world from its dire 
materialism - but that they are so interwoven with mis-statements and 
absurdities that the wheat cannot be winnowed from the chaff, and ridicule, if 
not worse, is brought to bear upon. . . [the Theosophical] movement. . . ." 

"How shall men discern good from evil, when they find it in its close embrace?" 

"The very words, 'Arhat,' 'Karma,' 'Maya,' 'Nirvana,' must turn enquirers from 
our threshold when they have been taught to associate them with such a teeming 
mass of ignorance and presumption. . . ." 

"Though false coin is the best proof of the existence of genuine gold, yet, the 
false deceives the unwary. . . ." 

For more on this subject from the pen of HPB, see: 

Blavatsky Study Center 

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