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Re: Writings of Maha-Lunatic Annie Besant and Maha-Pederast C.W. Leadbeater

May 18, 2012 02:52 PM
by Mark Jaqua

       Well, Mr. Delahunt knows what he likes - and that is a pederast, with far more than enough proof available now, to put the evil SOB in jail if he was still alive. (see Tillet's PHD Thesis, for a collation of much of the information.) Leadbeaterites are not Theosophists, and don't deserve "civility," but jail-time, if they can be caught at their propensities.  
         Unfortunately, putting a system of unblemished Truth like Theosophy out before the world attracts its anti-thesis, which instinctively wants to destroy it, and the light it sheds on _them_ - every form of sexual pervert and power-hungry vested-interest scammer in the metaphysical and religous world - which is why Public Theosophy is a pretty pathetic things nowadays - full of about 50% nut jobs, mental cases, and sexual perverts, and has been for the most part for a hundred years.
                                 - jake j.

    Posted by: "t_s_theosophist" t_s_theosophist
    Date: Thu May 17, 2012 6:10 pm ((PDT))


>I for one, and I know that there are many others out there,
take exception and offense at Mr.Jacqua's previous post and
derogatory remarks about Dr. Annie Besant and Mr.Leadbeater.

>First there are many testimonials to the integrity and dedication of Dr.Besant. The following link will provide testimonials to the integrity of Mr.Leadbeater, if one is concerned in discovering the
>TRUTH of things, and not merely rehashing unproven slander.

>Mr. Leadbeaater was indeed a controversial figure, BUT
NO PROVEN FACTS OR CONVICTION WERE EVER established, just slander,
innuendo, and viscious gossip.

>We do NOT have to agree with or even like Mr.Leadbeater, but this gives us no right to bring up old slander and gossip to denigrate his personality.

>We have an inherent right to dis-agree with one another, that is NOT in question.  But to resort to emotional, biased flaming, and personal attacks does NOTHING to lend credibility to one's argument.

>Dr. Besant and Mr.Leadbeater were unique products of their time. They
in good faith followed what they percieved to be their special mission.  Many Theosophists around the world hold them in great esteem for the work they did.                                                                                                                                                                                                              >No doubt, there will always be great differences of opinion among Theosophists about them, thats all OK.  We do NOT have to agree. But we should remain in respectful dialogue and seek a further understanding. Resorting to personal attacks, flaming, innuendo and gossip are never conducive to respecrtful dialogue.       

>We CAN dis-agree without being dis-agreeable.

>One can only hope that Theosophists will keep the tenor of their
discussions on a level that reflects the rational, thoughtful, and compassionate human beings we claim to be.

>Cordially and Fraternally;

>William Delahunt


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    Posted by: "Cass Silva" silva_cass
    Date: Thu May 17, 2012 8:10 pm ((PDT))

Well its time William that theosophists face up to the truth about these false prophets. It was more than slander and gossip. Leadbeater in his arrogance told the world that it was his duty to instruct these boys in their sexual development. Get Real, the guy was a pervert. He perverted the teachings of Blavatsky by introducing a christian approach, in order that he would become the global theosophical cum laude. That Besant got sucked into his perversions indicates that she too, was more interested in fame and fortune than in the real truth. Considering she started off as an athiest, the turnaround, was remarkable to say the least. 

And now we have to swallow Anand's idea that this paedophile is honoured with the title, Mahatma! 


>2a. Re: Writings of Maha-Lunatic Annie Besant and Maha-Pederast C.W. Lea
    Posted by: "Mark  Jaqua" proto37
    Date: Thu May 17, 2012 1:12 pm ((PDT))

 >   I consider it a bonafide sacriledge that this character has been posting here items on "Mahatma" Besant and "Mahatma" Leadbeater, let alone a website with an address of "MahatmaLeadbeater," or that anyone is responding to them. I hope the Lords of Karma are watching and produce speedy results.  
                           - jake j.

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>2b. Re: Writings of Maha-Lunatic Annie Besant and Maha-Pederast C.W. Lea
    Posted by: "Cass Silva" silva_cass
    Date: Thu May 17, 2012 7:43 pm ((PDT))

lol the imagined power has gone to his head, hahahahaha

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