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Re: theos-talk Compare Anand's & Leadbeater's Words

May 15, 2012 11:07 AM
by M. Sufilight

Then I would say that Leadbeater disagree or at least seem to disagree with a certain extend...
And Annie Besant and her proclamations of 12 the Krishnamurtian days...(As I now see Daniel Caldwell  also have shown...)

I think Blavatsky said that Matthew was a real person somewhere...And that the now officially lost Hebrew gospel of Matthew was real. It was this one the Ebionites used says Blavatsky...more than one time...But Blavatsky said that Jesus - originally named  Jehoshua Panthera --- also Jeshua Ben-Panthera (or Pandira)  --- was born about 120 B.C. and mentions that she has this year from a Master....(Leadbeater says 105 B.C.). ( ---  See also - page 134 - foot-note..."We must bear in mind that the Gospel according to Matthew in the New Testament is not the original Gospel of the apostle of that name. The authentic Evangel was for centuries in the possession of the Nazarenes and the Ebionites, as we show further on the admission of St. Jerome himself, who confesses that he had to ask permission of the Nazarenes to translate it. "  --- also page 181-184, and 204)

M. Sufilight

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  From: Daniel 
  Sent: Tuesday, May 15, 2012 7:29 PM
  Subject: theos-talk Compare Anand's & Leadbeater's Words

  Anand wrote in part:

  Although story of Christ can be used as allegory to explain soul's
  condition....If somebody is saying that Jesus did not exist
  physically, AS WRITTEN IN THE GOSPELS, I DON'T agree with it. I think
  reader will benefit more if he considers Jesus AS TRUE and tries to
  live teaching, instead of involving in ALLEGORIES....

  caps added. Notice Anand's words: AS WRITTEN IN THE GOSPELS

  Yet C.W. Leadbeater who Anand has repeatedly proclaimed as the greatest
  occultist-saint wrote:

  Certainly the Christian Bible ought NOT to be taken LITERALLY, for
  many of its statements are symbolical, and others are simply not
  true. When we examine clairvoyantly the life of the Founder of
  Christianity, for example, we can find NO TRACE of the ALLEGED twelve
  apostles, it would seem that as men they NEVER existed, but that they
  were introduced into the story for some reason - possibly to typify
  the twelve signs of the zodiac....THE TRUTH IS that the four gospels
  at any rate were NEVER intended to be taken as in any sense HISTORICAL....

  Without the 12 Apostles being real person, how much of the Gospels
  and story of the early Christian church remain as real actual history?

  If twelve apostles didn't exist, did Jesus?

  Food for thought.



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