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May 15, 2012 10:32 AM
by Daniel

"Doubting Thomas" Never Doubted Because
He Never Existed!!!

Wikipedia tells us:

Saint Thomas the Apostle, also called Doubting Thomas, or Didymus, was one of
the Twelve Apostles of Jesus. He is perhaps best known for disbelieving Jesus'
Resurrection when first told of it, then proclaiming "My Lord and my God" on
seeing Jesus....He was perhaps the only Apostle who went outside the Roman
Empire to preach the Gospel. He also crossed the largest area, which includes
Persia, India and China....Andrea del Verrocchio's sculpture showing the
incredulity of St. Thomas. In Thomas' best known appearance in the New
Testament, John 20:24-29, he doubts the resurrection of Jesus and demands to
touch Jesus' wounds before being convinced. Caravaggio's painting, The
Incredulity of Saint Thomas (illustration above), depicts this scene. This story
is the origin of the term Doubting Thomas. After seeing Jesus alive (the Bible
never states whether Thomas actually touched Christ's wounds), Thomas professed
his faith in Jesus, exclaiming "My Lord and my God!"; on this account he is also
called Thomas the Believer.

See this beautiful painting at:\

Based on what C.W. Leadbeater wrote about the Apostles, this scene in the New
Testament never happened because Thomas never existed.....


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