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Re: HPB & KH on the Christ

May 11, 2012 06:05 AM
by Mark Jaqua

      Yes, right!  It is all an attempt to christianize Theosophy, one of the "dark religions" under the influence of the mamo chohans, or the dark side of nature.  Esoterically, Blavatsky's school and effort was Buddhist in origin, and their leader was and still is Buddha - "the patron of all the adepts...." (MLS p. 43, TUP)  "Buddhism" is just an exoteric name for the purest system of wisdom and Truth we have, as expressed by Blavatsky's school.  It is certainly not christianity - which has no esotericism whatsoever, unless one includes some of the black variety.
                           - jake j.

3a. Re: HPB & KH on the Christ
    Posted by: "Cass Silva" silva_cass
    Date: Wed May 9, 2012 6:11 pm ((PDT))

IMO this idea is nonsense. Blavatsky categorically stated that the Christos was a principle all men could follow regardless of race, religion or creed. At no point didd she state that the Nazarene, if he lived, was a messianic saviour for universal christianity. You are using this idea to misconstrue the teaching and to justify your claim that Blavatsky wanted christianity to be the universal religion of the world. Utter falsehood.

She declares nothing about finding christ within christianity. You are using this simply as a means to christianise theosophy by lying to new enquirers. 


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