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Re: Tantric?

Apr 23, 2012 05:19 PM
by Mark Jaqua

     One can break the basic principle down pretty simply by saying that all the higher faculties and insights the Thesophist aims for - higher mind/manas/; buddhi - universal and direct perception of truth;  Atman, the ALL - are all levels of reality "free from any earthly dross."  If one wants to get in rapport with theses levels, one also has to be free of any earthly dross, and free of the carnal, which is of the earth earthly - because the higher has nothing whatsoever to do with them, and can't "vibrate" at that lower level, so to speak.  What the Tantric gets is a bunch of high-powered astral illusions, and likely insanity.
          Although one can learn some needed "lessons of the Heart" as Judge says somewhere, from the carnal (marriage vs. celibacy, he was talking about), ultimately it is all spending one's essence downward - although we most all have such a giant load of karma from misuse of sex in the long past (using our intelligence to turn seasonal procreative sex into a constant need), that, as HPB says in the "Key" - marriage is the only path in order to avoid immorality, except for the very few.  
          Blavatsky had "dropsy" which is accumulation of fluid, so she bloated up.  
                           - jake j.

Scott writes:

>She seems to be warning against tantric practises because of the sensuality involved? I do know this much, sensuality repressed can find expression in other manners...and she was a very large woman and obviously must have ate food in excess. Sensuality can be many different things to many different people. For some it could very well be purely carnal...and act of taking for pleasure and nothing more...while for others it could be purely about giving sharing and in sharing receiving...sensuality as pure love and joy combined in union, and a sweetened soul and higher love thereby achieved.<

Cass writes:

>Tantra is about transmuting the sexual energy isn't it, and also its practice can cause the rising of Kundalini, which if unprovoked can lead to serious mental disorder.

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