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Apr 23, 2012 03:56 PM
by t_s_theosophist


Brother Sufillight makes some very important observations about Theosopical Studies, and the dangers
of "Orthodoxy." 

We get confused because we don't keep in mind that the essence of Theosophical Study is different 
from mere academic study. We can study Theosophy academically and 
achieve a brilliant intellectual
comprehension, BUT IF we leave it there, we will have failed to grasp
the True essence. The School Of The Wisdom transcends academic intellectualism. 

The aim of a School of The Wisdom 
is to communicate The Wisdom Tradition by means that transcend
academic rhetoric and speculation.
A School of The Wisdom does NOT promote "Beliefs" it explains certain phenomena of Nature based upon the direct perception of the 

Beliefs are a hindrance to perception of Truth, or "Dharma".
We must suspend or negate ALL
beliefs if we are to have an open and clear mind, clear to percieve
the Truth of "What actuallly Is."

Theosophists want to "See & Know"
rather than "believe."  People can and do at times act contrary to what they say they "believe,' But we never act contrary to what we "Know," what we actualy "own" from personal experience.

There is a Universal Natural Order and Hierarchy of Intelligence.
We seek to understant and know it
so we can intelligently communicate that knowledge to others. It is not a matter of "getting anyone to believe something," 

Through my Theosophical Study I may come to "See & Understand" the place and reality of Reincarnation and Karma, I never have to "Believe in it." IF I see it and know it I don't have to believe it.  This "Knowing is the thing that matters. I either
know or I don't know. Not knowing is OK, but I must always keep a clear and open mind and seek further clarification.

When we study Theosophy we are not asked to agree with or believe the
instructor or book, what we are asked is to give a "Provisional
Credibillity."  That is, " I will keep an open mind and seriously consider what is said, always reserving my right to Question."

The major problem arises when we have certain people who aren't familiar with Theosophical Tradition
or who haven't been serious students,especially "Political appointees" take charge of a class or an organization and they feel that they have to "prove" themselves to "justify" their position. Theosophy then becomes political and looses its True charism.

An instructor must communicate in a way that enables me to "See & Know."
He can only do that if he himself actually has Seen & Knows. A School of The Wisdom encourages a certain 
lifestyle discipline and sadhana that will facilitate my ability to 
See & Know."  The Buddha has said that: " He Who Lives The Life Will KNOW The Doctrine."

Theosophists are NOT required to Believe Anything. We are encouraged  to have and nurture an open and questioning mind.

The idea of having certain "Beliefs"
is so deeply ingrained in our culture and psyche that we automatically refer to them, which is a hindrance to our understanding.
We must make a conscious effort to 
sidestep using that "B" word.
I can instead say that I "Know" certain things, and/or I Don't "Know" certain things. IF I don't know, thats OK.  I keep an open mind and continue to Search out Truth, Meaning and Understanding, and as I do my Undertanding is growing better and better and better.

A Basic premise of The Secret Doctrine is that there IS:
Wholeness-Order, and Purpose
and that I can come to See & Know it.  Believe it Or Not, Thats OK.

William Delahunt





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