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Re: theos-talk More Blavatsky / Koot Hoomi Material

Apr 18, 2012 08:11 AM
by M. Sufilight


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  Subject: theos-talk More Blavatsky / Koot Hoomi Material

  More Blavatsky / Koot Hoomi Material

  I am happy to publish at Blavatsky Archives this old
  document containing certain Blavatsky and Mahatma 
  material --- some of it NOT contained even in the 3 standard 
  volumes of Mahatma letters and in the Collected
  Writings Series of Madame Blavatsky.

  I discovered this material some time ago and 
  within the last year decided to publish it.
  This document is provided courtesy of Point
  Loma Publications Archives, San Diego, California.

  I shall call it The Coryn Manuscript or
  even better the Inner Group-Coryn Manuscript.

  In a letter dated after HPB's death, Mrs. Alice Cleather
  writes that the members of HPB's Inner Group were
  all given copies of certain Mahatma letters. And also
  Blavatsky material, letters, etc. for their personal use and

  It is my hypothesis that the typscript we are publishing 
  today is that material or at least most of it.

  In a future posting I will give more historical
  information concerning this material including
  information on Sidney Coryn. For readers who may
  have a copy of my book THE ESOTERIC PAPERS OF
  MADAME BLAVATSKY I would suggest that they compare
  this Coryn Manuscript with E.S. Instruction No. 6 in the back
  of my book.

  The Coryn document can be found on our website at:

  For best readability, I would suggest that you first download and save the document
  to your computer and then view it in the Adobe pdf reader in Full Screen mode. 

  Blavatsky Study Center / Blavatsky Archives


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