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Re: theos-talk History

Apr 06, 2012 04:41 PM
by Cass Silva

Where is it stated that the teaching is to be popularized to the masses? Â

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>Here is a msg from a member who has difficulty in posting. I am posting it
>on his behalf
>It is true that many of the teachings of HPB came into 'open' very long
>after they were made. The papers like the Original Programme, Diagram of
>Meditation, How to study the Secret Doctrine stand clear examples of that.
>Now, the point is to: Popularize the teaching to the masses (public).
>Digitizing the texts is one thing. It should not be forgotten that the
>theosophical movement is aimed at the 'intellectuals' to make them learn
>and work for the masses. Saying that the knowledge about Globes, Rounds and
>Chains, Root-races, Sub-races and Family-races is all 'verbose', requiring
>no immediate concern has become a 'fashion'. Theosophy should be made
>'practical - another adage is frequently used. How does one 'describe' or
>'elaborate' the methodology one has to adopt or emulate?
>"Living Theosophy" is what HPB indicated to the members, among others, as
>to how they could help the Society (Key to Theosophy). Is there a more
>royal way besides the members studying their Texts, assimilating the
>Teaching and setting an example in Living (without a proclamation or pride
>that they are doing this)? Talking and writing on the knowledge of
>Theosophy is also an equal task, if not more! What is the Action Plan?
>Dr N C Ramanujachary
>Literature is for Portrayal of Philosophic Ideas.
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