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Re: theos-talk Re: Daniel- Gratitude!!!

Apr 06, 2012 08:50 AM
by Augoeides-222


ÂÂ Me too! thanks! I spent two wholeÂdays reading your posts on Laura C. Holloway, intensely interesting to me.. I also f ound the Mahatma's inclusion of Djual Khoul as one of the editor assistant 's along with H.B.P. and M. as a team to polish Holloway's and Mohini's efforts authoring work very instructive. What language is the expression "Zin Zin" from? I eneded up googling "Doctrine of Sparks" also due to this thread still looking at results. 

The KH expression to Holloway in 1884: " One dayÂyou win a step for ward , the next you fall two steps back" Âwas told to us in 1977 in the communication of the Experiencer Brain Scott as " One step forward, two steps back", I always wondered where that came from lol! 


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Thanks Duane for your kind words. 


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> Thanks Daniel 
> The letter you posted a few days ago on HPB was humbling to say the least. 
> We all need a good dose of gratitude for the sacrifices and discomfort others like HPB have made on our behalf and in service to humanity. 
> Blessings and Light 
> Duane 
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> Here is A Reformatted Version on Letter 134 with Morya's Message 
> Daniel 
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