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You Choose

Apr 05, 2012 01:24 AM
by marcus_oxo


With this in mind :   
Darya said - we are just wondering on earth  ? is not good enough.

Life is a success and this tiny planet is one of the many places where life is seriously doing its thing.

Just because the rules of the universe do not correspond with the Human need for logic and reason, does-not mitigate the fact that the real powers to be, those powers that govern all universal circumstance.  Have obviously made a lot more sense out of this world than we have, or even can.  Is it not, pure arrogance of any spices to doubt, or even question these works of the almighty.  

Of course morality and virtue are essential for our true spiritual growth.  But please accept that it is usually through darkness and despair that most of us are forced to dig deep,  to reconcile ourselves with purpose and meaning, to reconnect with the Soul.  If there is one part of this universe that has a purpose then surly all other occurrences or elements must exist to support it. 
Just because we don't understand all things, is it right or fair that we should condemn any part of this creation. 

That's why Love is so powerful.  With a large portion of Love in your heart you can rise above judgement and see a world where, although you don't understand most of it, it feels real to know that it is all doing exactly what it is supposed to do.  Of course, with our daily choices we must always do all possible to promote peace and love and work heard to provide for those nearest and dearest to us.  
But beyond these physical restrictions we must trust in the Universal intellect that has always governed everything.   Hard at work, like ourselves doing its thing.

The Mystics kept safe the mysteries for those who may too see the light.


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