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Subtle Mind Control - The Masters of Haimavatas - the Snowy Mountains - 2

Nov 26, 2011 04:04 AM
by M. Sufilight

Dear friends

My views are:

About children and grown-ups and about being responsible and promoting altruism.

Well some of you know me, and that I like comparative studying so to better promote altruism.

Here is another angle on the science of Subtle Mind Control and about how Subtle Mind Control might be operating in the heart of the commercialized western part of the world even today. Other countries could be included. 

Are children being subjected to Subtle Mind Control through the sales of toys, games, computer-games, cartoons and movies?
I find this to be an important question to ask. Do you not think so?

Let me seek to explain what I am thinking about:
The below videos are not new and are from the year 1984. Despite the videos age and their Christian angle, which perhaps is a bit funny to watch, they hit as I see it on something very central with regard to how even our present day Western societies are operating. I do of course not agree on most of what the video are concluding of Christian nature. But some of the problems raised I find worthwhile contemplating. 
Even the Smurfs. (smile.)

Deception of a Generation (1984) part 1 of 9 part 2 of 9 part 3 of 9

It is known that children generally speaking in these times at the age below 10-12 years have difficulties in distinguishing between what is reality and what is fiction. (See "Media psychology" by David Giles, pages 123-146 are central. It is at Googlebooks. Just search carefully.) And some of them are in fact vulnerable to subtle Mind Control agendas. There has been much psychological research in the field in the decades from the 1950'ties and until today. In the later years the ball has been either in favor of the view that children are not affected by commercials or aggressive movies or the opposite. I favor the opposite, because it is known that commercials do work, and that propaganda do work, and that subtle Mind Control is a reality. There are of course limits to how much various individuals might be affected - but they might be affected for life (!) And that is a very serious thing - ethically speaking as far as I am concerned. So what is it in reality that we are promoting? Altruism?

Even Plato was concerned that the Greek poets were seducing children with lies: "A child cannot distinguish the allegorical sense from the literal, and the ideas he takes in at that age are likely to become indelibly fixed; hence the greater importance of seeing that the first stories he hears shall be designed to produce the best possible effect on his character" (The Republic, cited in Hodges and Tripp, 1985, p. 101) Of course greece is not present day 21th century. But has things changed for the better, - psychologically speaking?

I do have the hope that those who are theosophically oriented parents can see the affair in a light that might lead to something helpful with regard to what we can call - psychological change (some call it spiritual development). The videos touch upon how children seemingly are being hit by Subtle Mind Control through the toys and games being sold and commercialized, and through movies and television. Despite the Christian angle, which of course also is important to be aware of, I find that the videos are raising various not quite unimportant points.

The recent years with Harry Potter fever is an example not touched upon in the videos. But most of us have heard that it was questioned whether such a movie was healthy for the children so view, or to even be taught about in schools, - because some school teachers did it. All such things might be helpful, and yet they might not. The question for me is instead whether the whole affair is being addressed properly by parents and society, with regard to taking the meaning of life seriously, - seriously with emphasis. One thing is how Christians view the whole affair, but the question is whether the other spiritual groups and those within them who are parents are not aware of that some of the content in the many varieties of movies, cartoons, related toys, computer games etc. might - just might - be more harmful than helpful to the child or your child?
We can all of us of course just close our eyes to the whole affair - well most New Agers after all close their eyes when they claim they meditate and go deeply within themselves. I will however give emphasis to the fact that one realise that there is a problem here, and that it is not going away without any real concrete action is taken.

Today year 2011, I find that this "occult" agenda or New Age related agenda (more or less problematic in nature) among toy producers and game producers and television producers etc. have not decreased, it has rather increased. 
- Are all of it healthy or is it unhealthy? That is the question I am forwarding. And also the following ones...
- And are children or your children involved in it or have they been involved in it? 
- And are we not all involved in it somehow? And do we really honestly care enough about this affair in mention?
- Are such toys and movies etc. teaching children to disobey parents, teachers and adults in general? And is that a good thing?
- Will children (or your children) later in life for instance transfer --- "He-Man cartoons" ideology or their "Star Wars moive" ideology, Japanese "Dragon Ball Z" ideology, "Roswell movie" ideology (and related children toys - "Glow in the dark demons" etc.) or the Tom & Jerry ideology (""Tom in Hell ! !" TOM & JERRY" - - While persecuting a mouse a whole life, Tom the cat end up in....Hell...almost) --- to a New Age world-view more or less fanatical or a dogmatic Christian one - and perhaps of a problematic nature - because of early indoctrination and because they have been subtly Mind Controlled?

And today many persins find the Informations Society in the many countries on the planet to be the pride of civilization - the height of welfare. A welfare that should benefit the kids.
But if it instead is being used as the "high"-way to Subtle Mind Control of our children or children in general, I think we perhaps aught to reconsider what we are doing. And what we give emphasis in our lives.
(See also The Key to Theosophy, p. 264-271 - or "Peace Summit 2009 - Educating the Heart and Mind " -

Just a few views. I do hope that the above will be helpful to some readers.
Any comments?

M. Sufilight

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