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Krishnamurti School in Adyar TS Estate - some comments

Nov 25, 2011 01:34 PM
by MKR

It may be recalled that part of Adyar Estate leased to Krishnamurti
Foundation has been used for operating Krishnamurti School and the lease
expires at the end on 2014 and TS had decided not to renew the lease as it
wants to use the space to expand the curriculum of Olcott School to offer
vocational courses. For a theosophist the choice is highly welcome.

A theosophical friend of mine inquired today that there is some talk about
the K School wanting to stay in perpetuity and not vacate the area
currently occupied. I have not heard anything about it. If any of the
readers have any additional information, please email me offline.

At this time, I would like to remind readers that Olcott School provides
education to the poor kids from the area and the School is doing an
admirable job since the days of Olcott. Providing vocational education to
the graduating students is commendable because those who cannot afford to
go to college can get vocational training and get good jobs.

On the other hand, normally it is the kids from rich families attend K
School. While many of us admire and recognize the teachings of
Krishnamurti, the school supported by the rich can find and establish a new

Personally speaking, I or my kids could not have attended K School as we
are from average middle class and could not afford the tuition. As a
theosophist, I feel the first priority should be to serve the poor and
needy kids.


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