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RE: theos-talk Re: teaching planned by the Hierarchy

Nov 06, 2011 02:37 PM
by Jeremy Condick

"The mistake is due, he says, to those who connect Masonry with the building of Solomon's Temple, deriving its origin from it. He derides the idea, and says: . . "The Franc Mason (which is not macon libre, or free masonry) knew well when adopting the title, that it was no question of building a wall, but that of being initiated into the ancient Mysteries." HPB. 
"I take the opportunity of reminding the Masonic Gentlemen who might read this, that, as far as esoteric Masonry is concerned, nearly all its secrets have disappeared since Elias Ashmole and his immediate successors." CW XI 183. 
JPC: Amongst other things and persons, M Sufilight has misrepresented the husband of Alice Bailey. Foster Bailey was indeed a mason exoterically and esoterically also, let this be remembered, for he did more than anyone to re-establish the true idea of esoteric masonry once again as part of the teaching and re-establishment of the 'ancient mysteries' in true occult fashion on earth. HPB  upheld true esoteric masonry but not materialised contempary masonry and there is a vast distinction to be considered. 
So long had it been lost and his valiant efforts sought to correct this fact. He sought to rectify "materialized and dishonoured Masonry" and to establish a lodge and present lectures to other exoteric lodges for the purposes of familiarisation and their revitalization of the ancient mysteries and of true occult co freemasonry. Foster Bailey a true master mason cleary speaks of the re-establishment of the ancient mysteries and to this end he and AAB worked, with the re education of what esoteric masonry really is. This was all under the instruction of the Tibetan Master of the Wisdom, DK as part of the second phase of the teachings of hierarchy.  
Morton clearly has missed the point and the esoteric meaning presented by the Tibetan and Foster Bailey on masonry and has used it to present his doctrine of prejudice and contempt. He speaks wrongly before he has studied the facts. In SD does not HPB say, 'a mason writes'... and 'a learned mason...  
"...Contrast alone can enable us to appreciate things at their right
value; and unless a judge compares notes and hears both sides he can
hardly come to a correct decision." H.P. Blavatsky. The Theosophist,
July, 1881, p. 218.

Morton wrote: "And they do also sell and promote a book on Freemasonry written
by Foster Bailey a 32/33 degree Scottish Rite Freemason - despite it is known by
those who have studied the historical facts, that the structure of these
spurious 33 degress within the Scottish Rite was originally derived from and
hatched at the Jesuit chapter at Clermont in Paris." 
"...needs no presentation of opportunity for he stands a free initiate, a true Master Mason and can then proceed with world service undeterred and held back by no thought of self or selfish desire." EA 138. 
"...founded the famous masonic society of the Trinosophists (those who study three sciences; an improvement upon the ordinary three masonic degrees, given to those who study nothing except eating and drinking at the meetings of their lodges). "The first line of the triangle offered to the apprentice for study," writes the founder, -- "is the mineral kingdom, symbolized by Tubalc . . . (Tubal-cain). The second side on which the 'companion' has to meditate, is the vegetable kingdom, symbolized by Schibb [[diagram]] (Schibboleth). In this kingdom begins the generation of the bodies. This is why the letter G is presented radiant before the eyes of the adept (? !). The third side is left to the master mason, who has to complete his education by the study of the animal kingdom. It is symbolized by Maoben [[diagram]] (Sun of putrefaction)" etc., etc.

As a learned Mason and Theosophist, the late Mr. Kenneth Mackenzie, has shown in his Royal Masonic Cyclopaedia, there is a great difference between emblem and symbol. SD1 305. 
Foster Bailey  "The spirit of Masonry"  1957.     
This book contains 5 instructions drawn from the series which the Master Tibetan, master DK, had the intention to give to a group of freemasons  by the intermediary of Alice Bailey..... But the instructions could not be given entirely because of the lack of time and other pressures appeared at the time of its work with Alice Bailey one asked Foster Bailey to undertake these 5 instructions and to publish them. This was done by him, as well as the addition, in the second part of the book, of an article of Alice Bailey published for the first time in the journal "The Master Mason", and also of the text of a conference addressed by Foster Bailey to a Lodge in New Jersey. ... 
The books written by the master tibetan in collaboration with Alice Bailey contain many references to the freemasonry... Its origins - the course of its history - and the significant role that a masonry revitalized and more spiritualized will be able to play and play in the future, carrying the light and the energy of the lesson of the Mysteries in the era of Aquarius ---------- The freemasons have still much work to make. The time of a true recognition of the masons, on a great scale, is still far.... The freemasonry, in the direction Masonic and spiritual, must still prove of itself. When this takes place and that the spiritual intention subjacent withal work Masonic will be understood better, then the law of the Manufacturers could be felt. Then the work of the group for the race could be done. One will see the cooperation conscious of the Lodge to work since the High Places - then the masonry will be restored like the guardian of the Mysteries of the spiritual life on the ground, and will prove that it is the force of life in the heart of any true religion. ... 
"From Thirty years of work"  Lucis Trust. 
"A revitalized Masonry, made up of Masons true to their obligations and realising the Mystic Tie that binds them all together in one true brotherhood, would also provide a platform so universal that it would meet the need of thinkers of all kinds and of every school of thought. It would thus not only meet a religious need by providing a universal religion, but would also satisfy the mental need felt by all broad-minded thinkers at this time. Foster Bailey, The Spirit of Masonry, Lucis Press Ltd., London 1957, p. 109. 
"Masonry is the descendent of, or is founded upon, a divinely imparted religion which long antedates the prime date of creation as given in our Bible. [It] is all that remains to us of the first world religion which flourished in an antiquity so old that it is impossible to affix a date. It was the first unified world religion... To this, such symbols as the pyramids, both in Egypt and South America, bear witness... the ancient Mysteries were temporary custodians of the ancient truth and closely allied to the Masonic work of today...The relation of the Mysteries to Masonry has oft been recognized, and the golden thread of living continuity can be traced through them to modern Masonry. The Mysteries... are all parts of that ancient thread which has its origin in that primeval religion which terminates today in Masonry." [Foster Bailey, 33° , pp. 30-32 , The Spirit of Masonry; Lucis Press Ltd; Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England; 1957]. 
"There must be truth and fact in that which every people of antiquity accepted and made the foundation of its religions and its faith. Moreover, as Haliburton said, "Hear one side, and you will be in the dark; hear both sides, and all will be clear." The public has hitherto had access to, and heard but one side -- or rather the two one-sided views of two diametrically opposed classes of men, whose prima facie propositions or respective premises differ widely, but whose final conclusions are the same -- Science and Theology. And now our
[[Vol. 2, Page]] 795 OLD MASONIC SYMBOLISM.
readers have an opportunity to hear the other -- the defendants' -- justification on and learn the nature of our arguments.
Were the public to be left to its old opinions: namely, on one side, that Occultism, Magic, the legends of old, etc., were all the outcome of ignorance and superstition; and on the other, that everything outside the orthodox groove was the work of the devil, what would be the result? In other words, had no theosophical and mystic literature obtained a hearing for the few last years, the present work would have had a poor chance of impartial consideration. It would have been proclaimed -- and by many will still be so proclaimed -- a fairy tale woven out of abstruse problems, poised in, and based on the air; built of soap bubbles, bursting at the slightest touch of serious reflection, with no foundation, as it would be alleged, to stand upon. Even "the ancient superstitious and credulous classics" have no word of reference to it in clear and unmistakable terms, and the symbols themselves fail to yield a hint at the existence of such a system. Such would be the verdict of all. But when it becomes undeniably proven that the claim of the modern Asiatic nations to a Secret Science and an esoteric history of the world, is based on fact; that, though hitherto unknown to the masses and a veiled mystery even to the learned, (because they never had the key to a right understanding of the abundant hints thrown out by the ancient classics), it is still no fairy tale, but an actuality -- then the present work will become but the pioneer of many more such books. The statement that hitherto even the keys discovered by some great scholars have proved too rusty for use, and that they were but the silent witnesses that there do exist mysteries behind the veil which are unreachable without a new key -- is borne out by too many proofs to be easily dismissed. An instance may be given as an illustration out of the history of Freemasonry.
In his "Franc-maconnerie Occulte," rightly or wrongly, Ragon, an illustrious and learned Belgian Mason, reproaches the English Masons with having materialized and dishonoured Masonry, once based upon the Ancient Mysteries, by adopting, owing to a mistaken notion of the origin of the craft, the name of Free Masonry and Free Masons. The mistake is due, he says, to those who connect Masonry with the building of Solomon's Temple, deriving its origin from it. He derides the idea, and says: . . "The Franc Mason (which is not macon libre, or free masonry) knew well when adopting the title, that it was no question of building a wall, but that of being initiated into the ancient Mysteries veiled under the name of Francmaconnerie (Freemasonry); that his work was only to be the continuation or the renovation of the ancient mysteries, and that he was to become a mason after the manner of Apollo or Amphion. SD HPB. 

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> Subject: theos-talk Re: teaching planned by the Hierarchy
> "As there are seven keys of interpretation to every symbol and allegory,
> that which may not fit a meaning, say from the psychological or
> astronomical aspect, will be found quite correct from the physical or
> metaphysical." SD2 22.
> JPC: It might be noted that an interpretation from the second
> psychological key may not fit a meaning or be disputed from the angle of
> the physiological key. Perfect interpretation may not be available to
> one that differs on a certain key point, so to speak. A broad
> understanding and occult approach must be endeavoured.

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