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Re: theos-talk Lies and relativity

Nov 06, 2011 08:45 AM
by M. Sufilight

Dear James and friends

My views are:

I was of course only thinking in general terms with regard to the both the intent and actions of the politician. With regard to the businessmen, I did not actually write that myself.
But, never the less, I find it must be very difficult to be a politician, who are able to avoid being an example on a walking lie.
One reason is the fact, that politicians either has to follow party-political lines, and are not able to follow his or her own views. Or they are egoistical demagogs. And politicians are not seldom blocked in telling the truth - because if they were real honest altruists, they would never consider promoting man-made laws on a piece of paper, which they change every year or so - and which effectively psychologically condition and block the individual human being in a country or a number of countries. And often with an open acceptance of and promotion of happy-hammer judges, lawyers with fat wallets, and policemen with weapons etc. etc. A great number of politicians have effectively promoted wars and killings.

 It also seems to me, that the favourite occupation of our Christian-related and other religiously-related statesmen and generals, especially when the latter are sending two armies to murder each other, that they in fact are non-altruistic and are committing sorcery or worse while officially claiming to follow what they call the true and compassionate Divinity, named God or similar. Both indulge before their action in a bit of such sorcery, by offering respectively prayers to the same kind of God of Hosts, each entreating his help to cut its enemies' throats. Just pick some of the recent wars on this planet during the last centuries.

Another is that most politicians are heavily involved with psychological political "spin" and the terrible problems and results which arrives from this with regard to being an honest and truthful person or being a liar. 

Literally no politician avoid being involved with all these above things, as far as I see it. So if it is possible for politicians in general to avoid the above and avoid being a walking lie, I would be the first to welcome such a thing.
Documented examples seem to be missing.

But, yes I agree, too much black and white thinking in this regard is not helpful.

All the above are - as always - of course just my views. I do not claim myself infallible 
as a "pope" or similar - and I recognize that I might be in error.
I do hope that at least some of it will be useful for something altruistic 
and good.

M. Sufilight...with a smile...and a few rugrats carrying psychological yellow hats.

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  On 11/2/2011 6:33 AM, M. Sufilight wrote:
  > M. Sufilight wrote:
  > >I conclude like Blavatsky: A politician is a living Walking LIE.
  > Krishnamurti said the same thing about successful businessmen.

  I think these expressions are in the direction of fact, but then they 
  are too absolute, that is they do not allow for _degrees_.

  There are relatively benign businessmen and politicians, but not many. 
  Yet also there are many who are half-bad or half-good. It's all in 
  degrees really, but the basic thought that the political and business 
  worlds are relatively corrupt is true.

  Often, our teachers in their enthusiasm, make things too black and white.

  Best Thoughts,



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