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Re: theos-talk the Christian Saviour, like Krishna

Oct 28, 2011 04:24 PM
by M. Sufilight

The following might also be good to know about...

The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors

M. Sufilight

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  Jeremy and all, 

    A certain book that Blavatsky also mentioned "The Worlds Sixteen Crucified Saviors or Christianity before Christ" by Kersey Graves 1879, Boston: Colby and Rich Publishers, No. 9 Montgomery Place, 384 pages. it is a survey of ancient history of religion of cultures dessertates upon the "Saviour" fi gures  of pre-christion history. Madame Blavastky mentions as a "Q" source respective to her readings. 


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  Subject: theos-talk the Christian Saviour, like Krishna 

  HPB first key work proclaimed the Christ the Christian saviour and Christos, AAB second key work expanded somewhat, the Christ which is a rank of office of the head of hierarchy, and not the so called Christian son of a personal god, Jehovah like, of the church fathers so worshiped and personalised by the Roman Catholics also. This is often greatly misunderstood. But it is part of our teachings. JPC. 
  "The personal God of orthodox Theism perceives, thinks, and is affected by emotion; he repents and feels "fierce anger." SD1 2. 
  "Christian theology has evolved its self-created human and personal God" SD1 613. 
  "The Church enforces belief in a personal god and a personal devil, while Occultism shows the fallacy of such a belief." SD2 475. 
  "This Entity, Whom we call the solar Logos, is in no sense the same as the personal God of the Christian, who is no more nor less than man himself, expanded into a being of awful power, and subject to the virtues and vices of man himself." TCF 239. 
  "On the other hand, regarded in the light of the LOGOS, the Christian Saviour, like Krishna, whether as man or logos, may be said to have saved those who believed in the secret teachings from "eternal death," to have conquered the Kingdom of Darkness, or Hell, as every Initiate does. This in the human, terrestrial form of the Initiates, and also because the logos is Christos, that principle of our inner nature which develops in us into the Spiritual Ego -- the Higher-Self -- being formed of the indissoluble union of Buddhi (the sixth) and the spiritual efflorescence of Manas" SD2 230. 
  "those whom the Christian Saviour addressed as ïthe generation of vipers". CW X 
  "Like Buddha and Jesus, Apollonius was the uncompromising enemy of all outward show of piety, all display of useless religious ceremonies and hypocrisy. If, like the Christian Saviour, the sage of Tyana had by preference sought the companionship of the poor and humble"... IU2 341. 



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