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Re: theos-talk RE; politics and various Quests of the ION

Oct 23, 2011 12:10 PM
by libertyson11

*** MY friend we are splitting hairs. 
I do not accuse HPB of any wrong motive, and I apologize for coming across as negative toward her work, which I admire.

I simply am not willing to spend hours with quotes on these issues. 

This conversation is dubious in its value. 

I agree that politics is not the main road forward for humanity.

You have little regard for most leaders of history I have named.  Probably you have not read what I have read of them, nor do you have my karmic past in that realm. 
It is always true that if one has a hammer, everything tends to look like a nail, ie, that tool is the one most used. 

I am not suggesting any branch of Theosophy be actively engage in politics. 
I am suggesting that it entirely appropriate that individual members be involved in running for office, advocating policy they feel benefits evolution of the Race. This not suggested by the blanker statements about politics. 
For instance, currently there are massive protests against the criminal activities of the Bankers in Greece, and the USA.  
Are you suggesting this is inappropriate, that people ought to sit still while all the wealth of the world is stolen and their children impoverished?

"Politics aims to change systems for the benefit of people; Theosophy aims to change people themselves for the long-term benefit of humanity itself.


How exactly is this changing of people going to happen?

Please list perhaps 5 practical ways that you might recommend. 

"Whether the physical man be under the rule of an empire or a republic, concerns only the man of matter."
This is a stance I cannot support.  Theosophy itself nor its publications could not be spread without the freedom to do so, which requires freedom and rights within the body politics, which requires MEN to advocate laws forbidding tyranny, armies to defend against tyrant nations, including against those of the "insane dreams of Socialism and Communism, which if abhors -as both are but disguised conspirations of brutal force and sluggishness against honest labour".

Man must evolve with matter.  Without freedom in that matter how is he to evolve. ?????

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