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Future of Adyar TS

Sep 30, 2011 06:11 AM
by MKR

Now that Linda Oliveira has left Adyar and moved back to Australia and will
be taking over as the National President (usually called National
Secretary), the question of future successor to Radha Burnier is in the
minds of many members. Those of us who have followed all the developments
starting with the electioneering in 2008 and subsequent failed ultra secret
attempt to disenfranchise all of us in the International President Election,
have kept up the interest in what may be going on behind the scenes as well
as our concern with problems that had their roots in the lack of
transparency as warned by the Master in the 1900 letter. Here is a very good
writeup I ran into in cyberspace. Read and enjoy.



There is no Religion higher than Truth

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