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Re: Fetichism? - Rare photos of C.W. Leadbeater and Annie Besant

Sep 29, 2011 04:19 AM
by M. Sufilight

Dear friends

My views are:

I write this to alle who care to read this post and email.

Sorry if I sound a bit blunt in the below.
By try to read the links carefully and watch the videos as well before you draw any hasty conclusions.

Photo fetichism. We it. It is a proven fact that it is the basic
element for promoting altruism. Or is it?
I do not think so.

Yes....It reminds me of a related song of the dogmatic Christians:
Oh come on let us adore him...oh come on let us adore him...or....her ....Christ the Lord.

--- "Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth"


C. W. Leadbeater - (the Picture of a doctrine of the past).
This is more like Leadbeater, I think His true appearence. Leadbeater at his best. (smile.)
or here
Quite "liberal" and non-sectarian altruism(?) - or - perhaps rather the
opposite. I would say the opposite.
Others would like to adore him and the photo no doubt.

And to those who are happy or careless or somewhat too cold in heart about the fact that there still are an overwelhming number of 1 billion members of the Catholic Church, to them I humbly suggest that they listen carefully to the following, before they
seek to tie the ancient wisdom teachings with something improper.

Christopher Hitchens about the Catholic Church (1of2)
(From "The Intelligence Debate" in England. The theme was: The Catholic Church is a force for good in the world?)

Christopher Hitchens about the Catholic Church (2of2)
(From "The Intelligence Debate" in England. The theme was: The Catholic Church is a force for good in the world?

The Catholic Church is a force for good in the world?
(The whole of the Debate is here online with Q & A from the audience.
And voting before and after the debate.)

Apologies by Pope John Paul II

The present Pope - Joseph Ratzinger - "Brazil's Indians offended by Pope comments" "In a speech to Latin American and Caribbean bishops at the end of a visit to Brazil, the Pope said the Church had not imposed itself on the indigenous peoples of the Americas. They had welcomed the arrival of European priests at the time of the conquest as they were "silently longing" for Christianity, he said."

Inter caetera
Bartolomé de las Casas

And more...
Annie Besant - (the Picture of a doctrine of the past).
And Annie Besant promoting altruism through promotion of human created laws
and legislations, and even arms deals.
(And in fact ending up with more or less politicizing the Theosophical
Society, using its printing press for political publications and other
similar political activities.)
Annie Besant's Altruism promoted through - mere - belief in a Messsiah
craze - with scarfs and badges with Messiah-photos.
(Ommen Star Camp)

Sri Bhagavan Das wrote in 1913:
"In the summer of 1911, side by side with this public activity, there was
started by Mrs. Besant within the E.S.T. (Eastern School, or Esoteric Section, of Theosophy, an 'inner' organization recruited from the members of the T.S.), a
written pledge of absolute obedience to herself without cavil or delay. This
fact, 'private and confidential' at the time, is now public property since the
Madras lawsuits. "

Annie Besant - and - politics.
Annie Besant sought to connect the Indian National Congress and her Home Rule League with Olcott and Blavatsky!!! There are, (try page 25-27) a few allusions to Annie Besant's political acceptance of involving the Theosophical Society directly with her political activities in her book "The future of Indian politics" - a contribution to the understanding of present-day problems; (1922) - Published through the apparently NON-POLITICAL: The Theosophical Publishing House! "The new departure in 1913 resembled in one marked way the new departure when the National Congress was planned in 1884. The seed of both was planted by the Theosophical Society. It was at the Theosophical Convention of that year that a small group of earnest Theo-sophists a deeply concerned for the political future of their country and aroused to a sense of her past powers and her then present impotence by the awakening crusades of H. P. Blavatsky and Henry Steele Olcott, stirring the educated to self-respect and res-pect for their Nation a meeting in Adyar, decided to make an effort for political redemption".

A clearly false and dishonest statement in the face of H. P. Blavatsky.

- An Interesting book, can only be recommended to those who considers what the Theosophical Society really has turned into today, in a more or less clear manner, when promoting Annie Besant as a great political leader - at the website. International Headquarters of the Theosophical Society (a non-political society???).

(A new area of timeless wisdom or non-sectarian promulgations - or a new area of political involvement?
What a flawed an deeply sectarian headline and even political headline.)

The claimed 33rd degree Mason - Annie Besant did not care that H. P. Blavatsky clearly said that the false and artificial degrees in the Scottish Rites, (originally taken it is a said from the gorup named "Council of Emperors of the East and West") and almost all the other of the later freemasonry groups all were infested with and based upon the doctrines hatched in the Jesuit chapter at Clermont in France. The Jesuit named Chevalier Ramsay and others were behind this scheme. The historical records are agreeing upon this, although a number of scholars seek to hold the Jesuits innocent in this regard even today. And, - that was and is - the continuous Christianizing of the wisdom-teachings through the ages, which one has to be on guard against. For the Jesuits and thereby the Catholic Church is in opposition to - a clearly and visible non-sectarian and non-political - Theosophical Society.

So the headquarters of a Theosophical Society proper, will of course always be were the constitution of such a Society is CLEARLY non-sectarian and non-political in its nature! All the other groups - no matter what name and origin they claim they have - they will never be what we therefore can call a proper and honest Theosophical Society. Neither of if it decides to exchange member-fees and aims on altruism with photo and statue fetichisms!!!

Photo from the last talk by the believed "Messiah" incarnated in the flesh, as late as 1986. (He in fact did quite an effort in dispelling the Authority-myth surrounding spiritual teachers, himself included. Yet, he also blurred that issue a lot. But, the fact that he from time to time admitted that he could not remember
past events before 1929 - are as I see it telling.
And he failed to promulgate the non-sectarian organisational structure, which the Theosophical Society had in 1875-1891. He in fact sought to dissolve it, or what was left of it. In stead he ended up with his own sectarian Krishnamurti Schools, where children are taught that J. Krishnamurti is an authority. This despite Krishnamurti himself outwardly in lectures seemed to have been against the idea.).

Krishnamurti at Brockwood in 1969

What is Religion? - Krishnamurti

Jddu Krishnamurti - The Beginning Of Meditation - 1/8

Jiddu Krishnamurti: Religion & Authority (Part 1 + 2)
(--- Recommended ---)

But where is the multicultural Psychological Key in all this?


No taking all the above into account.... I ponder the following
while I remember that the non-sdectarian and non-political
Constitutions of the Theosophical Societywere changed very much after 1891.

The question is how do we best promote ALTRUSIM?

A)  There have through the ages always been attempts to Christianize
non-sectarian groups like the Theosophical Society originally was in
B) There have through the ages always been attempts to Politicalize
non-sectarian groups like the Theosophical Society originally was in
C) There have through the ages always been attempts to turn non-sectarian
groups like the Theosophical Society originally was in 1875-1891 into a
Messiah Craze. (Let us recognize the truth when we see it!)
D) There have through the ages always been attempts to turn non-sectarian
groups like the Theosophical Society originally was in 1875-1891 into a
sectarian one.
E) There have through the ages always been attempts to - create a blurred
view about - what non-sectarian versus sectarian really is, and what --- the
scientific term "subtle Mind Control" --- really is and was in groups like
the Theosophical Society originally was in 1875-1891.
F) There have through the ages always been attempts to - create a blurred
view about - what non-political versus political really is with regard to the
Theosophical Society, and what --- the scientific term "subtle Mind Control"
with regard to politics --- really is and was in groups like
the Theosophical Society originally was in 1875-1891.
G) There have through the ages always been attempts to ignore the above
facts and to show and promote - real altruism - by relating to them.
Silence speaks!

All this is in opposition to Altruism as far as I know. Please tell me if I
am wrong?
And what has happended with regard to the above since 1875 until today with
the various theosophical groups?
Why are several persons in doubt about this? And what kind of Altruism does
this doubt serve?
What do you do about it? Nothing?

If you cannot beat them - join them, somone said.
I will think twice about that. And I know I will win it. Honest altruisme in
its real sense will never turn into a "popery", or a "christianized cult" or
a Christ in the flesh to be adored, or allow it self to be politicalized in
its structure or history of the past.
(Not even by openly promoting it in a few Churches on the TS
Adyar compound - together with a "cult" of Statues and portraits, which the letters
from Blavatsky to Sinnett clearly said that the Masters were against
- while pretending that this is the path forward with regard
to altruism). - An open and honest gathering based on a - clear and
visible - non-sectarian structure, --- without political involvement,
without lack of basic present day ordinary scientific knowledge about subtle
Mind Control (See youtube video in the below) and without lack of knowledge
about - the psychological key - problems - related to the so very prevalent
sectarian group work or increasing number of promotions of  Internet-based
forums with a "leadership" structure based on a Self-Elected more or less sectarian "priesthood" ----
is as I see it much better. Let us avoid such problems.

Yet where do we find an honest forum, which is run in an non-sectarian manner these days? In theosophical
circles? (Please just name a single one, I cannot find one.)- And
theosophical groups and organisations - and their relation to this? - And
theosophical groups and organisations relation to their - when honest ---
officially quite blurred organisational frame --- and claim about being
non-sectarian and their lack of clearly explaining the content of the below
video and similar present day scientific knowledge on Cult behaviour -
and - the importance of avoiding such a structure within a theosophicaol
group - simply with the aim seeking to secure a non-sectarian stance for TS
Adyar and any other theosophical groups or branches?

Cult Tactics & Mind Control - B.I.T.E.

A few definitions of words used:

(1) Dogma and dogmatic:
Dogma is the established belief or doctrine held by a religion, ideology or
any kind of organization: it is authoritative and not to be disputed,
doubted, or diverged from.

(2) Mind control:
Mind control (also known as coercive persuasion, thought control, or thought
reform) refers to a process in which a group or individual systematically
uses unethically manipulative methods to persuade others to conform to the
wishes of the manipulator(s), often to the detriment of the person being
manipulated - Also implies leaders who disallow wellmeant criticism. - Here
we are only dealing with it in its religious and philosophical sense.

(3) Altruism:
Altruism is selfless concern for the welfare of others.

(4) Sectarian person:
A narrow or bigoted person or persons.
Sect: The term is occasionally used in a negative way to suggest the
broken-off group follows a more negative path than the original.

Bigotry added to explain the word sectarian:
A bigot is a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own
opinions and prejudices. The correct use of the term requires the elements
of intolerance, irrationality, and animosity toward those of differing
beliefs or views.

(5) Cult
A group with one leader or a number of leaders, which have their own
leader - and which uses subtle Mind Control techniques.

Alle the above are just my views.
I do not claim myself to be infallible like some "pope" or similar.
Thank you for sharing some thoughts with me.

Any comments are welcomed.
Some think that silence is the main road to take. I am not always that sure about it.

M. Sufilight

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Rare photos of great Theosophists C.W. Leadbeater and Annie Besant can be viewed
at these pages.

Best wishes.

Anand Gholap

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