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Time to make inexpensive spiritual material available to the world

Jun 17, 2011 06:40 AM
by MKR

The days of pricey books, nicely bound and out of reach to most students
hungering for spiritual knowledge. (Producing a pdf file and making it
downloadable does not cost anything.) In the past, there were some old
timers who do not talk about the pricey nature of some of the books, but
seems to justify that valuable material should not be available very cheap
or easily. These are probably fat cats or fundamentalists who are living in
their own world and oblivious to what is going on in real world.

The recent trend in downloading of programs, music and other material,
coupled with inexpensive pricing spurred by the wide spread use of wireless
phones has opened up a new channel in distribution. So much has been
downloaded from the Apple store that its sale has surpassed other major
retailers such as Best Buy, Walmart etc.

In the spiritual related matters, this trend can be taken care of to feed
those hungry for information. Instead of traditional bulky printed pricey
material, I hope all organizations and writers in this field jump on the
bandwagon and make material available say for $1.99 or even for free. It is
time for us to take our messages to the world which will ultimately change
the world to be peaceful one.


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