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Downloadable short theosophical material for $1.99???

Jun 10, 2011 07:28 AM
by MKR

Arthur Osborne of the portable computer pioneer, in the early 1980s was
concerned about pricey software. He came up with the idea of paperback
software priced at $9.99 and he did not make much headway.

Looking at the current scenario of Apple and Android software, there are
100,000s of downloadable software inexpensively priced less than $9.99. Look
at the music industry with cheap downloadable songs. In the fast moving
world of instant satisfaction, consumers are willing to take the risk of
downloading material which are inexpensive and try them.

I think there is out there a big opportunity to present theosophical
doctrines to the masses. Let us say short documents of 20 - 30 pages dealing
with specific issues or topics downloadable for free or for $1.99 will
induce many get interested in theosophical doctrines. Such common topics
like dreams, reincarnation, honesty, self-help, hallucination, will bring in
a lot of âlookersâ and many of them may be induced to study other related
material. This is worth a try.

The market for voluminous printed books for $100 is very minuscule. I hope
the theosophical publishers wake up to reality of todayâs world.


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