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Does not theosophy make one think scientific?

Jun 10, 2011 06:56 AM
by MKR

Recently Dalai Lama stated that he is a Marxist in thinking and not

When one student asked it this didn't contradict the Dalai Lama's
philosophy, he replied:

Marx was not against religion or religious philosophy per se but against
religious institutions that were allied, during Marx's time, with the
European ruling class. He also provided an interesting anecdote about his
experience with Mao. He said that Mao had felt that the Dalai Lama's mind
was very logical, implying that Buddhist education and training help
sharpens the mind. He said he met with Mao several times, and that once,
during a meeting in Beijing, the Chinese leader called him in and announced:
"Your mind is scientific!" -- an assessment that was followed by the famous
line, "religion is poison."


Exposure to the doctrines of theosophy will do away with blind beliefs. Once
this happens, there is no turning back, unless one becomes a 'sheep' as
sometimes we may encounter.


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