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Some thoughts on events witnessed since 2007 Elections

Jun 09, 2011 06:56 AM
by MKR

The correspondence that the Adepts had with Sinnett and Hume throw a lot of
light on various aspects of TS and how matters relating to aspirants and
students are dealt with.

In the opinion of many theosophists around the world who witnessed all that
went on during the International Election in 2008 stands as a classic
examples of and lessons to aspirants.

Temptations of various types are faced by everyone, especially those who are
benefited by the exposure to the doctrines of theosophy. More determined and
committed one is, more demanding are the temptations. Let us also not forget
Dugpas are always ready to exploit the weaknesses of the aspirants and
latter fall victims unknowingly.

Also many theosophists who were witnesses of the greatest crisis that TS
faced in our life times, namely the well coordinated and orchestrated
electioneering and the shocking clever failed attempt to seize control of
the TS, feel that many long time dedicated theosophists were put to real
test of their life times.

You decide how many came out smelling like a rose and how many had eggs on
their faces.

Many theosophists seem to forget that TS is unlike business enterprises even
though for legal purposes it is setup as corporations in many Sections. A
look at the structure with total autonomy at Section and Lodge level coupled
with freedom of thought of members, speaks for itself.

This should also be viewed in the light of enormous resources expended by
many Adepts at the start of TS. The Adepts who can see far into the future,
obviously did not launch a short-term project, especially because changes
affecting Humanity take a long time.

Having invested so much of Their time and other resources, simple logic
tells us that They continue to help in the welfare of TS, even though we may
not see their physical presence and interventions. We should also be
reminded of the comment of one of the Adepts how they came out of seclusion
of Ages in launching TS. So seclusion is Their normal mode of operation.

The following statement in a letter from one of the Adepts, should give some
flavor of how They deal with aspirants of spiritual growth.


Take another case, that of Fern. His development, as occuring under your
eye, affords you a useful study and a hint as to even more serious methods
adopted in individual cases to thoroughly test the latent moral qualities of
the man.

Every human being contains within himself vast potentialities, and it is the
duty of the adepts to surround the would-be chela with circumstances which
shall enable him to take the "right-hand
path," - if he have the ability in him. We are no more at liberty to
withhold the chance from a postulant than we are to guide and direct him
into the proper course. At best, we can only show him - after his probation
period was successfully terminated - that if he does this he will go right;
if the other, wrong. But until he has passed that period, we leave him to
fight out his battles as best he may; and have to do so occasionally with
higher and initiated chelas such as H.P.B., once they are allowed to work in
the world, that all of us more or less avoid. More than that - and you
better learn it at once, if my previous letters to you about Fern have not
sufficiently opened your eyes - we allow our candidates to be tempted in a
thousand various ways, so as to draw out the whole of their inner nature and
allow it the chance of remaining conqueror either one way or the other. What
has happened to Fern has befallen every one else who has preceded, will
befall with various results every one who succeeds him. We were all so
tested; and while a Moorad Ali - failed - I, succeeded. The victor's crown
is only for him who proves himself worthy to wear it; for him who attacks
Mara single handed and conquers the demon of lust and earthly passions; and
not we but he himself puts it on his brow. It was not a meaningless phrase
of the Tathagata that "he who masters Self is greater than he who conquers
thousands in battle": there is no such other difficult struggle. If it were
not so, adeptship would be but a cheap acquirement. So, my good brother, be
not surprised, and blame us not as readily as you have already done, at any
development of our policy towards the aspirants past, present or future.
Only those who can look ahead at the far remote consequences of things are
in a position to judge as to the expediency of our own actions, or those we
permit in others. What may seem present bad faith may in the end prove the
truest, most benevolent loyalty. Let time show who was right and who

One who is true and approved to-day, may to-morrow prove, under a new
concatenation of circumstances a traitor, an ingrate, a coward, an imbecile.
The reed, bent beyond its limit of flexibility, will have snapped in twain.
Shall we accuse it? NO! but because we can, and do pity it, we cannot select
it as part of those reeds that have been tried and found strong, hence fit
to be accepted as material for the indestructible fane we are so carefully

[Letter No. 54]


There is No Religion Higher than Truth

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