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Re: theos-talk My Travels to See the Mahatmas

Jun 08, 2011 10:57 PM
by Augoeides-222

Thanks for the post I enjoyed the read, very interesting to read ad follow on Google Earth. He proceeded to Siligari, Darjeeeling, wanders all over the map to Bhutan, China ,Sikkim and finally into Tibet via Sikkim's Northern Borderto get to the "other side of the Himalaya" and go to "Pari" in Tibet. 

Pari District, Tibet is here on Google Earth: 

28 09 42.11 N 

88 19 42.05 E 

Now Pari Marker is only 5.55 mi. N NE of a Google Community Marker for Padmasambhava's "Hidden Valley which is marked as here: 

26 06 22.86 N 

88 15 15.92 E 

Also marked are : 

Padmasambhava's Primary Consort Yeshe Sogyels's Sacred Lake which is here: 

27 59 39.82 N 

88 12 35.18 E 

And Finally "Chorten Nyima" Padmasambhava Hidden Valley Gompa Monastery which is only 11.9 mi. north of the North Border of Sikkim inside Tibet which is here: 

28 03 27.87 N 

88 14 40.91 E 

According to the markers it is a very very sacred site that has the earth cave that Padmasambhava meditated in with Yeshe Tsogyal and Mandarava his second consort. 
Madame Blavatsky was strong about Padmasambhava as are the Tibetan Sects and the Mahatma's also mention the same and the location is slightly past the Himalaya. 


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Another new article we have put online is as follows: 

My Travels to See the Mahatmas 
by R. Casava Pillai 

Blavatsky Archives / Blavatsky Study Center 

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