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Has electioneering for next International President started????

Jun 01, 2011 10:15 AM
by MKR

Has electioneering for next International President started????

The current International President, Radha Burnier is 88 years old and
considering her current good health, she may complete her seven-year term in
next four years. We have not seen any heavy weight successor on the horizon.

The candidate who tried to defeat her in the last election (where the
supporters alleged that the current President is sick, both physically and
mentally, in spite of incontrovertible evidence otherwise) has not been seen
in any of the theosophical gatherings, even though we have seen evidence
that he is still around and active in the background.

One fact that caught my eye was the recent visits by CVK Maithreya to
Africa, New Zealand and the planned visit to the US Annual Convention next
month. One is wondering if this is all prelude to his aiming for the office
of International President. Usually, prior to anyone running for an
International Office, unless they have been around for a long time, has
written, lectured and toured  and well known to theosophists around the
world, they have to travel to various Sections so that the Sections become
familiar with the individual.

>From Googling, I find him active in the Theosophical Order service. All the
past Presidents, have been active as long time organizers, lecturers, &
writers and have extensively toured working full-time for the theosophical
society. In Maithreya, I have not seen any of his writings, lectures and
tours for the work of theosophical society. TOS work is not the main mission
of TS, even though it is very good part of it. Also, when I was living in
India, I have never heard of him. Nor have we seen any of his views at the
time of last International Election.

We all have seen how in all countries outside India, the membership is going
South with no end in sight and none of the Section leaders dare to mention
this hot potato. There is even active efforts to shut down lodges like what
was attempted in Orlando, Florida (with no transparent justification) and
the current efforts in England to sell Tekels Park and other real estate.

Let us wait and watch and see how events unfold in this area. Keep tuned
into theos-talk.


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