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Is TS in England getting dismantled?

Jun 01, 2011 05:49 AM
by MKR

Everyone knows that the growth of TS outside India is going South. We had
seen the attempt in the USA to shut down a lodge in Orlando and seize the
assets, which fortunately was thwarted by the decision of the International
President to attach the lodge directly to Adyar. (The American Section has
not given up on its mission; it is just waiting for the lodge to be detached
from Adyar!).

Now comes the update on the sale of Tekels Park property in England and
there are reports of other properties in England being sold. Is this an
indication of dismantling the theosophical organization in England? You can
read the blog at the following link and decide.



PS: All National Sections are totally autonomous and so long as they do not
violate any of the International Rules, International President cannot
interfere. Hence in many of these decisions which may be detrimental to the
Section, nothing much can be done from Adyar. Our only hope is that even if
the organization in countries are dismantled, it will always resurrect like
what happened in the United States after the members seceded in early 1900.

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