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Confidence in Masters

May 30, 2011 06:43 PM
by jdmsoares

Dear friends,

As we are talking about the movement and the Mahatmas, I thought in
share some more thoughts on it.

  In a text entitled "What is Confidence in Masters?" one can

"Intellectual appreciation of the necessity of the existence of
Masters grows simultaneously in the meditator's brain and heart. If
there is knowledge, there must be Knowers; knowledge does not exist in
itself, but is the result of observation and experience; and there must
be Beings who have made the observations and recorded the experience.
This is as far as intellectual acuteness can take the student of
Theosophy, in crossing over from "one's land of dream and fiction to
our Truth land, the region of stern reality and fact". For
heretofore the effort of nearly all has been towards the acquisition of
knowledge for oneself, however much the student believes that his motive
has been altruistic. The mind and reasoning powers are satisfied; a
philosophy of life that really explains has been secured. Aside from
exercise therein mentally, as a swimmer exercises his body healthfully
in clear water, no further urge is felt - for an essential quality has
not been developed." [1]

Then, it continues:

"What is the essential quality which drives a man in spite of
himself to pursue that Path, the traveling of which brings "full
confidence" in Masters? It is something so rare, yet so commonly
named that incredulity is perhaps our first mental reaction when the
word is set down before our eyes: Gratitude."

Best regards,



[1] "What is Confidence in Masters? - A Decisive Factor in the
Theosophical Path", published at\

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