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May 07, 2011 03:50 PM
by DiwataD

Good morning theosophists!

I'm DD and I'm a gnostic occultist. I never cared about Theosophy in the start, but continuous practice of Golden Dawn magic and Yoga led me to some sort of Self-analysis, which in time gained me clairvoyant insight into the Self. I found that my findings are well-elucidated in the basic teachings of Theosophy, **particularly** as expressed in the work of Vitvan and Rudolf Steiner. I now feel that what I once dismissed as "occult talk", is precisely the very piece of knowledge a Self-seeker must have at the start of his long journey, before acquiring even the basic magical skills. Theosophy is a very humbling set of teachings -- learning about the continuity of Life in the Cosmos and the worth of and cooperation among every spark of Creation has liberated me in a way I only once dreamed of!

May God, or Divine Providence, bless us!


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