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How Key to Theosophy was written

Nov 24, 2010 06:32 AM
by MKR

How Key to Theosophy was written

Key to Theosophy by HPB is still a great classic for any newbees to learn
about theosophy and theosophical society. It is a masterful way to present
the material and in todayâs world it is called FAQ.

Obviously, when HPB was alive, various inquirers asked her varied questions,
many times the same one coming from different inquirers. So she decided to
put it in writing.

One of the interesting pieces of information that came out of the recent
publication of HPBâs Secret Doctrine Commentaries was the about Key. (We all
know many theosophists around the world has not seen or read it, because it
is too pricey and many could not afford it.) The book was written in two
weeksâ time. Is it not amazing that she could come up with a classic in such
a short time and all of us should be grateful for it. One other book which
was written in a very short time was Ernest Woodâs book on 7 Rays, written
in a week.


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