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Re: theos-talk Theosophical Conference in Ukraine

Nov 24, 2010 05:31 AM
by Martin

Yes true, that is why a teaparty over there is so interesting to watch. Btw. I 
only recently started to drink tea again, after some 15 years, mainly because I 
spent my time in England in the 90ies of last century, and was completely 
spoiled on tea...hahahaha. The best tea was naturally orange tea, but that 
convenient truth did warm me up, but is rightly off topic here, lol.

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Subject: Re: theos-talk Theosophical Conference in Ukraine

They tossed the Orange Revolutionary Party out in the last election this year in 
the Ukraine. They now have a pro-Moscow leader as president who kisses the 
russian shoes. They also tossed the Blonde Prime minister who was at odds with 
the Orange Party President. And the aspirations of the Ukrainians are now 

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Subject: Re: theos-talk Theosophical Conference in Ukraine 

'Tea-party and conversations in the library of Kiev headquarters.' 
That would have been the most interesting, a teaparty in Ukraine...especially 
with the recent Orange Revolution , as you may know I am from Holland, and our 
Kingdom is called the Orange Kingdom, since we know how to blend the red caps 
and the yellow caps, just by going down below sealevel, instead of sitting in 
Himalayan Mountains... 

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Subject: theos-talk Theosophical Conference in Ukraine 

Theosophical Conference in Ukraine 

Konstantin Zaitzev, a theosophist from Russia, recently attended a 
Theosophical Conference in Ukraine and has provided the following summary. 
We all should be glad that there is developing interest in theosophy in 
Russia and Ukrain. Thanks to Konstantin. 


The conference worked 2 days and was attended by 60-80 people. (Ukraine has 
4 lodges and soon shall form an Association like Canada already has.) There 
were 7 people from Moscow, including me. (4 members and 3 young peole of 
which 2 willing to join). One of us has prepared a talk (#6 in the second 
day). Others were from different cities of Ukraine, at least from 7. 

The topic of the conference was Science and spirituality in the light of 
Most talks were read in Russian but some in Ukrainian. The hall of Knowledge 
Society was hired. (This society was formed in Soviet times to widespread 
the popular science). 

Talks delivered: 

20 Nov. 
1. Cilivlsing role of science in todays world by S. Gavrilenko 
2. Real essence of wholeness, healing and health by S. Binat 
3. Spiritual development of personality and modern education system by E. 
4. Acceleration of the evolution in the current stage by Bogdan Drobenko 
5. Spiritual aspects of 21th century's scentific paradigm by A. Prigunov 
6. Metaphysics of V. Vernadsky 

Round table: Multi-dimenciality of the understanding of spirituality on the 
individual & social levels. T. Golovchenko at the chair. 

Tea-party and conversations in the library of Kiev headquarters. 

21 Nov. 
1. Spiritual aspects of the modern teaching about health by L. Popova 
2. Theosophy in creativity and destiny of M. Voloshin by I. Levichev 
3. Development of intellect: problems & prospects by N. Berezanska 
4. Modern science and its connection with the eternal truth by T. 
5. Dreams in light of modern sciens, psychology and theosophy by V. Pavlov 
6. Time cycles' influence on the widespread of theosophical ideas by T. 
7. Laws of nature, morals and ethics by V. Zavadska 
8. Physical and metaphysical model of oneness by N. Andriyevska 


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